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Spring Linseed

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  • The objective when growing a linseed crop must be to achieve at least 2 tonnes per hectare. To do this it is necessary to choose the variety that will give you the best chance and to sow enough seeds into a good enough seed bed.
  • Seed rates will vary between 500-700 seeds per square metre. The target being to establish 350-500 plants per square metre. It is very important to drill into a warm moist seed bed at a depth of about 1.5-2.5cm to give the plants the best chance of a speedy establishment.
  • There are a number of weed control and harvest management options available and growers should consult their Agrii agronomist.

Juliet (Maintainer: Agrii)

  • Juliet has been the highest yielding variety on the AHDB Descriptive List for 13 out of the last 15 years and is 6% above the next nearest variety. It also has one of the highest oil contents.
  • It is clearly demonstrating its ability to perform in a range of soil types and seasons.
  • Suitable for growing in most parts of England, although if maturity is the most important criterion it may be better to choose GK Emma.

GK Emma(Maintainer: Agrii)

  • GK Emma is bred by GK Kft, the breeder of Juliet.
  • It has produced gross outputs at 96% of control but the main appeal of the variety will be its rating as one of the earliest varieties available. This may be critical in difficult years or areas of naturally later harvesting.
  • Standing ability is good.

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