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Rubiera (KWS)

Breeder: KWS UK Download as pdf
Type: Very Early, FAO 160 Breeder’s leaflet

Grower’s Comments

“We have grown Rubiera for the last 2 years and it has delivered exactly what we were looking for. Our crops of Rubiera have been able to achieve very high yields that are harvested very early which allows us to follow the maize crop with winter wheat. Forage quality is key for the diets fed to our dairy herd and Rubiera produces excellent overall starch and ME on analysis. The rapid early vigour of the variety has also helped in what has been a very testing year to grow maize.”  Shanael Farms, Evesham

Breeder’s Comments

“Rubiera KWS combines high DM yields
with excellent ME and starch content
owing to its very high grain content.”