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RGT Westminster

Breeder: RAGT Printable PDF
Type: Group 4, Distilling and Feed Predigree: JB Diego x Viscount

Variety Positioning

  • A high yielding soft feed that narrowly missed getting on to the Recommended List. In Agrii trials is has delivered high treated and untreated yields due to its good overall disease resistance. Rated as ‘medium’ for distilling is some interest in the variety north of the Border. Its main drawback is that it has a slightly lower specific weight and Hagberg Falling Number (181).
  • Suitable for both heavy and light land. It should be drilled in the main drilling window but with low tillering capacity seed rates need to be increased. It can be grown as either a first or second wheat but in practice there are probably better second wheats. Agrii trials show it to be very stiff and its lodging and stem stiffness ratings are better that the official rating suggest. Moderately early to mature.
  • Its Septoria tritici resistance is slightly better than its official rating and other disease ratings are reasonable. Its only weakness is brown Rust but this is of much less concern further North.

Data source: www.cereals.ahdb.org.uk/

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