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RGT Planet

Breeder: RAGT Seeds Ltd Printable PDF
Type: Brewing, Feed & Export Pedigree: Tamtam x Concerto


Variety Positioning

  • Planet sits at the top of the AHDB 2017 Recommended List and was the biggest selling variety in the spring of 2017. Buy back contracts are available with UK end users and coupled with the very high yields it does offer both feed and malting growers a good option.
  • Suitable for all regions of the UK, consistent across soil types and relatively straight forward to manage. Propino-like grain quality but relatively low protein content due to its high yield and inevitable protein dilution. Will require careful nitrogen management to ensure that the relevant nitrogen contents, required for brewing, are met. Medium height, moderately stiff straw, excellent Brackling resistance and early ripening.
  • High untreated yields reflect the good all round disease resistance with excellent Mildew resistance but weaker on Brown Rust compared with Propino. It also has one of the best scores for Ramularia.

Further information from the breeder can be found here

The data presented here is a partial abstraction from the AHDB Recommended List. The complete data set is available on the AHDB website here