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Breeder: Syngenta UK Ltd Printable PDF
Type: Brewing, Distilling,  Feed & Export Pedigree: Sanette x Concerto


Variety Positioning

  • Laureate now carries Malting Barley Committee (MBC) approval for Brewing and Distilling, so should find favour in both the English and Scottish end markets. Demand is expected to increase in both areas for harvest 2018.
  • It has produced yields comparable with RGT Planet with slightly better results in the East and the North/Scotland which are the main malting areas. Specific weight is a little lower than RGT Planet.
  • Disease resistance is very good, with no obvious weaknesses. Scores for Brown Rust and Rhynchosporium are slightly better than Planet and Propino. Straw strength however is a little lower.
  • Demand for the variety in Scotland as a possible replacement for Concerto is likely to mean that stocks could get short in spring 2018.

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The data presented here is a partial abstraction from the AHDB Recommended List. The complete data set is available on the AHDB website here