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Agrii recognises that agronomy decisions have a significant impact on farm profitability, however agronomy cannot operate in isolation of wider farm management objectives.

Farm strategy, fixed cost management, utilisation of labour and machinery, environmental stewardship, diversification – all these factors affect the overall success of the farm business and it is for this reason that Agrii’s Farm Advice Services team was formed – to bring a professional farm business capability to work alongside our agronomists and provide customers with a more complete farm profit solution.

Ours is the only farm business consultancy that has unique access to the UK’s most comprehensive arable production resource.

Our aim:

‘To provide challenging advice, strategic solutions and technical innovation to agriculture and the rural community – enabling individual businesses to prosper’

Services from Agrii Farm Advice Services

Business consultancy
  • Whole farm analysis
  • Whole farm budgeting
  • Individual business enterprise analysis
  • Cost of production calculation
  • Benchmarking
  • Labour and machinery costing
  • Joint venture planning
  • Contract farming agreements
  • Single Payment Scheme (SPS)
  • Rent reviews
  • Business, energy and environment updates
  • Gross margin budget planner
  • Gross margin calculator
  • Manure production and storage calculator
  • Training


  • Joint ventures
  • Contract opportunities
  • Development
  • Alternative enterprises
  • Competitive advantage


As a result of advice given by Agrii’s Farm Advice Services team, clients have:

  • Increased output by 25%, turning a loss-making business into one generating a retained profit and able to repay accumulated debt with a new five-year plan agreed with the bank manager
  • Restructured the business so that they have time to spend with the family
  • Set up joint ventures with neighbouring businesses and have once again started to enjoy their farming activities
  • Reduced their dependence on energy inputs and started to generate their own electricity with the potential to earn in excess of £1m annually
  • Passed a cross compliance inspection after adopting our recommendations, which identified six key failure areas in advance, avoiding a fine of £3,600


Environment Advice


Agrii have a team of professional environment specialists offering technical advice and support to agronomy teams and customers across the country.

The Single Farm Payment can have a significant impact on farm profitability, helping growers to protect this through correct management of their cross compliance is one of the teams key objectives.

As well as offering expertise in farmland conservation, nutrient, soil and water management, the team have a wealth of experience in agricultural legislation and policy. To tackle this growing burden on farm the team offer a range of auditing services. This enables the team to get a snapshot of individual farm businesses and from there give advice on how and where to improve records and compliance. This gives growers the peace of mind that the correct information is being recording in the farm office.

The Agrii environment services offer a wide range of products and services and listed below is a selection of these but these are not exhausted. Please get in touch if there is a service you require that has not been specifically referred to here.

Environment and

  • Cross Compliance Advice and Auditing
  • ELS, OELS and HLS
  • NVZ Advice and Auditing
  • Soil protection review
  • Compost Permitting

Management plans and mapping

  • Soil management plans
  • Crop protection management plans
  • Nutrient and fertiliser plans
  • Manure management plans
  • Field and crop records
  • Livestock records
  • Risk Mapping
  • Nutrient Management Planning
  • Water Auditing
  • Soil Husbandry
  • Crop Protection Products: Best Practice – handling and filling

Useful Documents

Wildlife Information Sheet No1 – A cheap and easy early pollinator lifeline
Wildlife Information Sheet No2 – A basic introduction to farmland bees
Wildlife Information Sheet No3 – Creating homes for bees
Wildlife Fact Sheet No4 – Recognising two alien weed grasses
Habitat Creation and Management for Pollinators


Contact Us

Contact names
and numbers


  • Paul Pickford – Business and Overseas Farming

    Specialist Areas:
    Farm Business Appraisals/ Arable & Livestock Analysis/ Machinery and Labour Analysis/ Joint Venture Planning/ UK & Overseas Farm Management/ Farm Diversification/ The Single Payment Scheme/ Advice on Cross Compliance and Environmental Schemes

    Paul grew up on the family farm in south Wiltshire and has been a farm business consultant for 25 years. Recently his horizons have broadened taking on the development and management of farm businesses in Africa and Europe.

    Tel No: 07909 925413

  • Dave Wild

    Specialist Areas:
    Cross Compliance/ Stewardship NVZ/ Environmental Permitting/ Soil and Water/ Farm Environmental Matters

    Dave has worked as an agronomist in the Yorkshire region for over 30 years. For the last 12 years he has provided Environmental Support to the Masstock group of companies, covering Cross Compliance, NVZ, Stewardship Schemes and Nutrition planning and training.

    Tel No: 07775 566558

South Region

  • Beth Metson – Environmental

    Specialist Areas:
    Soil and Water/ Farm Compliance/ Legislation

    Beth has worked in agricultural advice for 6 years. A key objective for her is to ensure the farm environment benefits farm business and vice versa.

    Tel No: 07545 927474

  • Neil McLean – Business and Environment

    Specialist Areas:
    Farm Business Management/ Waste Permitting/ Agronomy/ Crop Nutrition/ Resource Protection/ Stewardship/ Cross Compliance

    Neil comes from a practical Farm Management background and has worked in Agriculture for 40years. He is BASIS, FACTS, Soil and Water and BETA qualified, as well as a practicing agronomist.

    Tel No: 07711 865085

  • Simon Rollinson – Environmental

    Specialist Areas:
    Cross Compliance/ Stewardship (ELS. HLS) NVZ/ Environmental Permitting/ Soil and Water/ Wildlife Reports/ Farm Environmental Matters

    Simon has worked in agriculture for all of his working life, firstly as a practical farmer and now as a Farm Environmental Advisor. Farming with nature whilst keeping a profitable business has always been his aim.

    Tel No: 07768 865084

  • Karen Williams – Environmental

    Specialist Areas:
    Soil and Water/ Farm Compliance/ Legislation/ Crop Protection

    Karen has worked in agricultural advice for 5 years; previously she worked for a large family farm in farm management. She is FACTs & BASIS qualified & divides her time between agri environmental advice & agronomy.

    Tel No: 07774 710799

North Region

  • Laura Wraith – Environment

    Specialist Areas:
    Cross Compliance/ ELS/ NVZ/ Nutrient, NMAX/ Soil and Manure Management Plans/ Fertiliser/ Waste Utilisation/ Nroso Training

    Laura has been working in this field for 8 years. A key objective is to lighten the load of the complex legal requirements for the whole farm enterprise. Laura is MBPR BASIS/ FACTS/ BETA qualified.

    Tel No: 07760 776089

For more information

Contact a member of our Farm Advice Services team or use the ‘Ask us a question’ facility on this website to find out more