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Breeder: Elsoms Printable PDF
Type: Group 3, Biscuit and Export Pedigree: Cassius x Viscount


Variety Positioning

  • Fully recommended as a biscuit wheat with uks export approval and it is certainly a welcome addition to the soft milling market. It has decent grain quality – HFN 206 and
    specific weight 77.7 kg/hl. It has produced high treated and untreated yields in both Agrii’s and official trials and this can be partly attributed to an excellent agronomic package.
  • Suitable for all areas of the country. It appears consistent across soil types and rotational positions. Best grown in the main drilling window but it is also suitable for later drilling but do not drill before mid-September. Average height and stiff straw similar to KWS Basset but slightly weaker than KWS Barrel. It has medium maturity and results from Stow Longa suggest that it is very competitive against black-grass.
  • Good disease package and a significant improvement over both KWS Barrel and KWS Basset. Reasonable Septoria tritici (5.1) resistance but Yellow Rust (7.5) and Brown Rust (5.2) ratings but these are all lower than the official scores. Limited results suggest that it is moderately susceptible to Fusarium ear blight.
  • Resistant to Orange Wheat Blossom Midge.

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