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Breeder: Elsoms Breeder PDF
Type: Group 3, Biscuit and Export Pedigree: Cassius x Viscount

Variety Positioning

  • Agrii’s number one biscuit variety in 2020 with treated yields very similar to KWS Barrel but with a much-improved agronomic package. Recommended for domestic biscuit use, export under uks and rated ‘good’ for distilling.
  • Suitable for all areas of the country, it performs well on both heavy and lighter soils and is a reasonable second wheat. Best drilled from the last week of September through to the end of October and is not suitable for early or very late drilling. It has also proven to be very competitive against grassweeds.
  • It has medium length straw which is decently stiff (7 untreated, 7 treated) and medium maturity (+1).
  • Elicit has much better disease resistance than KWS Barrel with Septoria tritici (5.4), brown rust (5.4) and yellow rust (7.9). While it is moderately susceptible to fusarium ear blight, this is no different to KWS Barrel or Zulu. It is resistant to orange wheat blossom midge.

Elicit Group 3 Winter Wheat

Filmed at Throws Farm, Essex – June 2021

Filmed at Carnoustie, Angus – June 2021

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