Dunston - Agrii
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Breeder: Elsoms Seeds Breeder PDF
Type: Group 4, Hard Feed Pedigree: (Alchemy x Hereford) x Shepherd

Variety Positioning

  • Not the highest yielding variety on the Recommended List but it has been very consistent in Agrii trials and yielding well across the Regions – however not suitable for Scotland.
  • A taller variety with stiff straw untreated and very nice grain for a feed wheat with HFN 229 and specific weight 76.9.
  • Disease scores are generally good for mildew, tritici, but watch both yellow rust  and brown rust.
  • Dunston has the Pch1 gene so is good for eyespot and indeed has yielded well as a second wheat in both AHDB and Agrii data, plus yielding well across soil types.
  • Not resistant to orange wheat blossom midge.
  • This variety has also done very well in the Agrii crop competition work where it boxes above its weight in yield and is classed as highly competitive.
  • One of several Hereford crosses succumbing to yellow rust now which is a real pity as this variety has much to offer.

For more detailed Agrii data and the latest disease scores speak to your local seed specialist or Agrii agronomist.