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DK Impressario CL

Breeder: Bayer Printable PDF
Region: EAST, WEST & YORKS Type: Clearfield Hybrid

Variety Positioning

  • Agrii’s leading Clearfield variety with consistently high yield (96%, treated, 87% untreated) and high oil content (45.1%). Very similar to its predecessor, DK Imperial, but
    with better disease resistance and a stiffer canopy. Suitable for all soil types and best drilled in the main drilling window through into September provided that growing conditions remain favourable.
  • Moderately vigorous in the autumn (5) but quick to regrow in the spring (7) to produce a tall canopy (142 cm) that is stiff (9) with good lodging resistance (8) and very early maturity (7).
  • In addition to the herbicide tolerance genetics it also includes the RLM7 phoma/stem canker (8) gene, the pod shatter trait but it comes with relatively weak light leaf spot resistance (4) that needs to be monitored and sprayed for.

Source: Agrii Advisory List

DK Impressario CL Hybrid OSR

Filmed at Bishop Burton, Yorkshire – June 2021


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