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Breeder: LSPB Printable PDF
Type: NORTH Pedigree: Clubroot Hybrid


Variety Positioning

  • A Recommended List candidate with a outstanding yield and very high oil content. It has performed well across the country with excellent performance in the North. It is in Agrii’s trials for the first time this autumn and assessments to-date suggest that it has a similar growth habit to Mentor. It may therefore be more suited to the E&W regions rather than the far North but with a 10% yield advantage over Archimedes it is still well worth looking at.
  • Suitable for all soil types. It is relatively tall with a stiff canopy and early maturity. It has good Light Leaf Spot resistance but relatively weak on Phoma and Stem Canker so this needs watching and spraying for.

~ The full AHDB dataset is available
# AHDB control Yields UK (5.4t/ha), E/W (5.4 t/ha), North (5.6 t/ha)