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Avitus (KWS)

Breeder: KWS UK Download as pdf
Type: Very Early, FAO 160/170 Breeder’s leaflet

Grower’s Comments

““We first tried 20ha of Avitus in 2018 and we grew more than 10 times the area last season which I think says it all!

The variety suits both our production and environmental needs very well and an early harvesting means we can establish a cover of Italian ryegrass, keeping the soil much drier and firmly in place over winter.

Avitus has done us proud again this season, averaging 13.5 t DM/ha in just 20 weeks with a high digestibility and palatability.””

F.J Cobb and Sons, Dorset

Breeder’s Comments

“Avitus KWS pushes the boundaries of current early forage maize breeding for all livestock farmers.”