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Extending stakeholder engagement

There is an increasing focus on the environment and climate across all sectors of society, and it’s no different on farm. Helping farmers to make the right choices for their farming businesses, is crucial if we as an industry are to deliver on our commitments.

As a national company working across both crop and livestock sectors, we are uniquely positioned to tap into the voice of the farmer, providing farm feedback to various initiatives and concepts, helping partners to avoid pitfalls, test solutions and support implementation with our customers. Agrii already works with a number of partners on a variety of initiatives, and under the Green Horizons project, we are looking to extend this engagement to additional interested partners.

Agrii Green Horizons Insight Report 5: Extending Stakeholder Engagement

Insight Report 5 includes Agrii’s work in the following areas:

  • Research institutions
  • Manufacturers
  • Farmers, growers and Agrii staff
  • Processors and end users
  • The public

Green Horizons Insight Report 5 is now available.

Insight Report 5 includes Agrii’s work in the following areas:

  • Expanding engagement: focusing on government, NGOs, food packers, processors, retailers and scientific institutions.
  • Digitally enabling growers: we will help to digitally enable our growers via free introductory access to RHIZA services and location/farm specific technological information by the end of 2021. These technologies will enable farmers to target areas of improvement, producing an optimum yield in every field.
  • Crowd sourcing programme: creating a crowd sourcing programme for customer feedback and innovation will help to ensure we provide services in the best interests of our farmers.
  • Virtual iFarms: expanding our virtual iFarm events, webinars and trial tours will ensure key technical messages are easy to access. Improving iFarm accessibility will expand our engagement with farmers and other stakeholders.
  • Green Horizons Farmer Network: this group of likeminded Agrii customers will work collaboratively, sharing knowledge and answering its own questions around how to produce sustainable and profitable food. Please get in touch for more information about how to get involved.