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Farm productivity and viability

Improving farm productivity is core to both business viability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A variety of measures are required to boost productivity, identified by the UK Government’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC). These include:

    • Increasing the efficient use of nitrogen through controlled release fertilisers and inhibitors
    • Precision farming
    • Preventing soil compaction in cropland and pasture, reducing the need for cultivation, which will minimise nitrous oxide emissions

Access the report: Increasing Farm Productivity and Viability

Insight Report 4 describes our work towards improving farm productivity in an environmentally sustainable way – to enable business viability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It considers:

  • Soils and nutrition
  • Extending rotations
  • Seeking innovative solutions
  • Benchmarking

Targeting improvement through the adoption of new technologies, will help to reduce the cost of production and minimise the risk of environmental harm. Agrii’s R&D efforts combined with agronomists’ capability to adapt scientific information to each farm’s needs and circumstances, has produced substantial yield achievements compared with the average from similar geographies over recent years. This is shown in the results from our Maximising Arable Performance (MAP) Benchmarking Group.

MAP Crop Yield Data 2014-2018

Green Horizons Insight Report 4: Increasing Farm Productivity and Viability, will be published in September, and will cover the following areas of Agrii’s work:

      • Horizon scanning: we are actively searching out new developments and have an innovation team devoted to horizon scanning. Should new crop technologies become available in the UK, we will welcome them subject to necessary safety evaluations. For farmers, new technologies have the potential to boost productivity, efficiency and combat pests and diseases.
      • Excellence in agronomy: we have developed a new way to reward excellence in agronomy advice through a novel profit share with customers: Agrii Farm Partnerships.
      • Encouraging innovation: Agrii welcomes new innovative and creative ideas from agronomists and farmers. As part of Green Horizons, we will shortly be launching an annual Innovation Award. More information will be available here shortly.
      • Healthy crop development: we will continue to search for and trial new crops that have improved health benefits or satisfy the demand for evolving diets. More information on our work will be available in Insight Report 4.