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Agrii Farm Partnerships

Working together to deliver farm profitability

What is an Agrii Farm Partnership?

A new business model designed to deliver profitability and sustainability for farmers,
farm managers and land-owners.

As support payments are phased out and arable margins come under increasing pressure,
AFP provides the opportunity for long-term performance-driven relationships with progressive farm businesses looking to share in the risks and reward of farming in today’s climate.

In short, Agrii is made accountable so that when you succeed, then so do we.

How could an Agrii Farm Partnership help your farm business?

This new model of working is built upon our integrated approach to agronomy and enables you to push the potential of your farm business while reducing the risk. We work in partnership with you to set objectives and build a strategy utilising the depth of Agrii intelligence.

The Agrii team will deliver an agronomic plan to drive technical performance. We’ll leverage our industry-leading R&D capabilities and RHIZA digital agronomy service and apply our Agrii intelligence to your farm business.

How do we share business risk with our customers?

This model has been designed to facilitate a real partnership approach between Agrii and leading farm businesses; to push the boundaries of farm performance with both parties benefitting from success and sharing the pain of challenging years.

This new model works to agreed targets including gross margins, making them the success criteria of the agreement.


It provides the incentives to
out-perform the season by tailoring agronomic management to deliver the most profitable crops.

Agrii can be judged on our contribution to productivity on your farm.


How can we best build for the future together?

The value of an Agrii Farm Partnership goes far beyond single-season,
performance-based risk-sharing.

It is designed, first and foremost, to keep you ahead in a fast-changing and
increasingly-challenging farming world.

As a partner fully-committed to, and invested in, your farming success rather
than solely a supplier or adviser, we can help you do much more than optimise
crop margins and manage risk.

Partnering your business with us gives you:

✚ Professional planning to inform your rotational and farm development;
✚ Dependable R&D for the best solutions to your key agronomic challenges;
✚ Value-driven new cropping opportunities to build your business resilience;
✚ Preferential working capital finance to improve your cash flow;
✚ Reliable decision-support and precision tools to free-up your time by simplifying management;
✚ Established expertise to guide your environmental initiatives.

What do I do next?

If you think your farming business could benefit from an Agrii Farm Partnership where both parties have a shared interest in success, please get in touch.
Agrii combines excellence and innovation with the latest research and development to ensure you can meet the challenges of farming with knowledge and confidence.

To explore how an Agrii Farm Partnership can help you build your most sustainable farming future please contact:

Mark Dewes

Agrii Farm Partnership Manager
Mobile: 07967 811 373
Or your local Agrii contact