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Our Vision

Our Vision

We believe that to maximize the returns from their farming and to be sustainable, our customers need a more integrated range of support services, based on the latest agri-intelligence and utilising the most up to date technologies. Agronomy must address these new needs and ensure that all the components of successful production work together in harmony. Today’s agronomist is the conductor of an orchestra, comprising researchers, input specialists, precision farming experts, decision support tools and people who understand stewardship and the environment.  And as agri-science progresses, the role of plant breeding and seed technology will become of increasing importance within the agronomist’s armoury if they are to enable their customers to prosper.

Our key priorities:

  • To strive to keep our farming customers successful, whatever their objectives or size
  • To relentlessly pursue the development and adoption of yield enhancing technology for the benefit of our customers
  • To provide all the necessary resources for our agronomists to make them the very best at what they do
  • To ensure our people are valued, motivated, listened to and rewarded
  • To deliver training and development for all staff and build a strong Agrii culture

Building the industry’s best agri-intelligence resource

  • The agricultural supply industry’s most far-reaching and ambitious agronomic research, development and technical support roadmap
  • Carefully developed and independently overseen to provide the practical intelligence Agrii agronomists and growers need and want
  • Adequately resourced with facilities, staff and support structures to deliver immediate and sustained results to agreed timeframes
  • Backed by effective systems for continuously monitoring value and re-defining priorities in line with changing circumstances
  • Significant expansion of Decision Support and precision farming capability

Agrii’s Competitive Commitment

  1. Best input technology portfolio – going to stay that way
  2. Best R&D and a long-term spending plan to do more and to make it more valuable
  3. A truly integrated 21st century precision agronomy offer
  4. Commitment to lead in developing certified seed market
  5. Only company with the structure and willingness to make the needed investments


Our journey so far

Our journey so far

Agrii has come a long way since March 2011 when Origin Enterprises acquired UAP.

Since then we have worked to integrate three companies into one, launched an exciting new identity for our combined business, successfully implemented a new company wide IT system and instigated an innovative R&D strategy to support profitable farming.

We are only successful if our farming customers are successful and life is rapidly becoming more complex on the farm. Our customers are growing larger, more technical, more professional, requiring greater precision and working to tighter deadlines.

As our customers are transforming their businesses, they also look to their partners and suppliers to raise our game and this is why Agrii is investing in our people, our systems and our capability to ensure we are relevant in a rapidly changing landscape. Having built strong foundations, we now look to the future.

Building a business fit for the future

  • We have successfully integrated three companies
  • Through feedback and support from our teams we have built solid foundations
  • We are investing in the agronomy toolbox for the future
  • We are well equipped to meet our customers changing needs
  • We are well on our way on a journey our competitors are just beginning
  • We have the best agronomists and support personnel in the industry
  • We are committed to continuing to build our capability
  • The opportunity for us all is significant
  • The future is bright!



Investing in

Agrii invests more than £1 million in innovative research and development annually, to ensure our agronomists are equipped with the most up-to-date information and to allow customers to be the first to benefit from improvements to crop performance.

A large percentage of that investment goes into on-going Research and Development; in fact we operate the most integrated, innovative and comprehensive trials network in the UK. With 50,000 plots and 260 replicated trials across the country Agrii aims to ensure all crops and regions are fairly represented. Our 28 iFarms, located throughout the UK, offer farmers the opportunity to experience the very latest R&D and allow us to join up agri-science with practical agronomy. This investment, together with the most up to date IT farming platform to empower agronomists and farmers, enables Agrii to offer intelligent solutions to the world of agriculture and horticulture.

We call this Agri-intelligence – our unique approach to help farmers stay up to date with arable technology and agronomy led solutions to constantly improve yields, grow profitable crops and respond to ‘The Food Challenge’.

Today’s farmers are striving to achieve their goals in an increasingly complex and demanding environment
There are many organisations offering farmers solutions and many different sources of data and information
But success depends on integrating the best of the information, technology and practices that result in the optimum system on-farm
Agrii works on behalf of our customers to independently investigate, disseminate and apply the best knowledge, ensuring all the components of successful production work together efficiently
No other agronomy provider conducts more trials or invests as much in technical resources and innovative solutions than Agrii, to keep UK farmers ahead
We call this agri-intelligence



Benefits of working
with Agrii

Benefits for agronomists

  • Direct access to the most advanced agri-intelligence resource to stay at the forefront of farmers changing needs
  • Significant plant breeding and seed technology portfolio as well as crop protection and fertilizers
  • A decision support resource incorporating precision farming, weather stations, pest and disease monitoring and crop performance benchmarking
  • An owner committed to agriculture, leading in the market place and with an appetite to invest in business development
  • A lean structure that combines the benefits of scale with a real determination to listen, act and improve
  • An ethos that if we have the best people, they will expect and deserve the best support – and we must provide it
  • Remuneration and benefits that are amongst the best in the industry

Benefits for farmers

  • The best agronomy support, based on the most advanced agri-intelligence – capable of stretching yield potential whatever your soils
  • A personal service, focused on helping you achieve your financial and farming goals
  • A professional team and the peace of mind that all the components of successful production are working in harmony
  • Help to farm-on-time, leading to better results and gross margins
  • The assurance of professional support that will stand by you in the event of problems
  • Better results, higher gross margins


Our Culture & Values

Our Culture and

Agrii is one of the UK farming industry’s leading suppliers of agronomy services, technology and strategic advice and with this comes a significant responsibility to our customers, to our staff and to the rural environment.

Agrii’s culture is made up of all of the life experiences each employee brings to the organisation and we respect the values and beliefs shared by the 850 strong workforce and their customers.

Since bringing together three companies in 2011, we have worked to put in place the structural, organisational and cultural foundations on which our combined business will operate and this includes four fundamental principles that we stand for as an organisation – we call it The Agrii Way.

Our Company

Agrii is a company that aspires to be a leader in our market whereby we set the standards for innovation, customer service, value for money and employee satisfaction.

Our Customers

Agrii is a company that is easy to do business with, delivers great service and always works to make our customers successful.

Our Responsibility

Agrii is a company that takes our responsibility seriously. We invest to support UK agriculture and the local rural community. We operate in a way that respects the environment and we strive to be a company that both our staff and our customers are proud to be connected with.


Agrii is a company that wants to build highly motivated, interactive teams that are well rewarded. We recognise the importance of team spirit, mutual respect and local connections and wish to make Agrii a highly enjoyable place to work.



Working with Agrii

+ If you are interested in working for Agrii and you are currently working as an agronomist, please contact our independent recruitment consultant Tom McCreadie (confidentiality assured) on 07708 491557 If you are enquiring about other roles, please see our current vacancies page here.

Connect with Agrii

We invite you to connect with Agrii and there are a number of ways you can do this:

+ Via our Agronomy and advisory teams – we have over 300 agronomists throughout the UK. They can assist with all aspects of modern crop production and our seed and nutrition specialists can assist with enquiries regarding their respective areas.

+ At an Agrii iFarm event – we have over twenty locations where, in conjunction with our host farmers, we demonstrate the latest technologies and production techniques. Lively events provide an opportunity to meet other farmers and quiz industry experts.

+ Register for AgriiPlus – a comprehensive information database – and AgriiFacts a monthly bulletin on topical farm management issues. These are available to our agronomy customers (more details from your Agrii agronomist).

+ At – for more information, to check your local contacts or to ask us a question. Our website is updated regularly with news and details of our events.

+ On Twitter – @AgriiUK – for regular news updates.

+ Sign up for our email newsletters – eBulletin is a monthly update from Agrii or you can sign up for eJournal which contains news and information relevant to your region.

+ Speak to our Customer Services Team with any queries on 0845 607 3322.

Thank you for your interest in Agrii.