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OSR Establishment Support Schemes

OSR Establishment Support Schemes

Over the past five years, Agrii has run a number of successful establishment schemes to off-set the high risks of growing oilseed rape. These schemes give more confidence to growers to drill oilseed rape in the face of ongoing issues with cabbage stem flea beetle and challenging weather conditions.

Agrii’s key hybrids varieties are covered by establishment support schemes. Terms and conditions vary so it is important to discuss them with your Agrii seed contact first. In general terms, a scheme needs to be requested at the time of ordering; crops need to be drilled 20th September; claim deadline is 31st October 2024 and proof of establishment and crop failure are required.

InV1035, InV1266CL, DK Exsteel and Vegas

  • Credit note for the full invoice pack price

Ambassador, LG Auckland and LG Anarion

  • Grower must also register on Limagrain’s own website Click Here
  • Crop must be drilled between 15th July and 15th September
  • Credit note of £100 per pack

Cognac, RGT Kanzzas, KWS Hanelli

  • Credit note of £100 per pack 


  • Bayer will provide free replacement seed for re-drilling this autumn


Please note that some varieties the number of packs that are eligible is capped and support will be based on on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact Agrii more details and for full terms and conditions that apply to each variety.


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