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To You and Yours

Merry Christmas from our Agrii Family.

The Stevenson Family

What do Christmas and this time of year mean to you and your loved ones?
I have 2 sisters and one brother and between them, there are 10 children / young adults. Polly (my wife) has one brother and he has 3 children (young adults) so Christmas is always a big family event. Last year we had my family round and we managed to squeeze in our house for a Christmas meal. It was file in and file out as we couldn’t squeeze past each other.

.Christmas Chaos Christmas in Australia

Other picture is 3 years ago we were fortunate enough to go to Australia to see my Cousins and Aunt and also an old school friend. It was a very different Christmas.

Tell us a bit about Christmas in your household – how will it be different this year, how are you adapting?
This year we are “isolating’ for a week ahead of visiting Polly’s parents for a few days at Christmas. It will be socially distanced and will go walking with Polly’s brothers family rather than a large gathering. Christmas will still be a family day and we will catch up on Zoom and postpone a big family gathering until May when it’s my brothers 50th birthday.

What, if anything has this rather stranger year taught you?
This year has taught me that we take seeing friends and family for granted and that it’s really missed when we can’t. It’s also taught me to appreciate my local area, waking in the countryside and not travelling miles is a real pleasure. I like in Wiltshire and walking along the Kenner and Avon canal or the Pewsey downs at the weekend is such a wonderful way to spend a weekend.

The Bend Family

Christmas in our house is a double celebration as its my birthday too.  Although many people say that’s a bad thing (citing only one lot of presents and having to wait 12 months!) to me it’s a blessing. After all, I’m never at work, all the family come and stay and generally are pretty jolly.  Until we get to the annual “roast potato argument” between my husband James and daughter about the right and wrong way to do them… normally I step it to threaten to cook them whereupon that stops the row as they both agree that’s a bad idea! So Katie does the roasties, I do the sprouts, James does the turkey and Tom deals with the wine. So it is a real team effort!

Both the children come home and will do this year.  Tom’s had Covid and Katie’s having a test before she comes, as my Mum in Law who turned 90 this year lives with us.  2020 has I think increased everyone’s respect for the older generation and with so many families having lost grandparents it’s reinforced how precious to us they are.  I took the photo this morning – Elizabeth was just off to get her Covid vaccination – hence the coat!  We were meant to be having a big family party in July on her birthday to celebrate her birthday and our 35th wedding anniversary. Instead the gazebo we bought for it will be used on Christmas day with a firepit to keep us warm to minimise any risk.


We’re going to miss the Carol Service this year but have over-decorated the house to compensate.  My favourite decoration is the Christmas angel Katie drew when she was 4.  You probably can’t see but he’s winking!

We wish everyone in Agrii and all of our customers “as good a Christmas as is possible” and here’s hoping 2021 is healthier and happier – and with a more normal weather pattern!

The Hughes Family

Hello, my name is Ronan and I am a Christmas-aholic.
I love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of the year, I drive my family bonkers as Christmas music is a must from 01st Dec (generally earlier if I can get away with it). This year I broke all records and convinced my wife to put the Christmas tree and decorations up on 21st November.

For me Christmas is a special time of the year, it’s an opportunity to get a well-earned break and relax, it’s about spending quality time with family, catching up with friends and sharing some Christmas spirit. Generally, a trip to Ireland to see family is compulsory however in the current environment that won’t be possible this year.

Christmas morning in our house starts early despite having a 17-year-old and two in their twenties, they are like big kids and can’t wait to get up to open the presents. This will be followed by an obligatory full works Irish breakfast. This year we will have some Zoom calls with family back home affording us the opportunity to show off our latest Christmas jumpers. Christmas dinner is the main event with turkey, ham and all the trimmings. We will eat too much, maybe drink too much, but sure we can worry about waistlines next year.

We hope you and your family have a great break over the festive period and wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy 2021.

From the Hughes family

The Bretherton Family

This Christmas in the Bretherton household will be a little different than normal, not solely due to Covid but also down to 3 boys rapidly growing up!

Whilst we prep the house and order what seems to be everything online our eldest son is hard at work in a local butchers getting Turkey’s, Gammons and Pigs in Blankets ready for a record number of orders, all of this whilst practising for his driving test in January!


Christmas is normally a time of celebration with all the family and friends however due to some being in Tier 3 and others living abroad we won’t see them all this year, so a ZOOM Christmas morning with fizz and bacon butties it will be.  Whilst it has been a challenging year for everyone, it has forced us as a family to adapt.  The adoption of technology in many ways has brought us closer together, less travelling has led to time for new hobbies, interest and the boys favourite “games night”, all of which will carry on post covid.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Brethertons

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