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KWS Zyatt

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Type: Group 1, Bread and Export Pedigree: Quartz X Hereford


Variety Positioning

  • Joint highest yielding Group 1 wheat alongside Skyfall in Agrii’s trials and it has taken a
    significant acreage it its first year. Good baking quality with excellent physical grain
    characteristics and a high Hagberg Falling Number. Fully approved for both domestic and
    export markets as a ukp wheat. With good agronomic characteristics it may go the same
    way as Crusoe and Skyfall by not limiting itself to just the traditional milling market.
  • Suitable for most regions of the UK but it is still being evaluated for north of the border. It
    performs across all soil types with excellent performance on lighter soils. It builds protein
    at a similar rate to Skyfall so, in order to limit protein dilution, it is probably best grown on
    lower potential sites or as a second wheat. Equally it builds protein at a faster rate than
    both KWS Siskin and KWS Lili so it could be used on higher potential sites to target a lower
    grade domestic milling or export specification.
  • Best grown in the main drilling window. It can be drilled up until the middle of February
    and has a very good agronomic package with moderate height, stiff straw and medium
    maturity. Stow Longa trials show it to be reasonably competitive against black-grass.
  • A good all round disease package with decent scores that are reasonably robust. However,
    both its yellow and brown rust resistance are lower than its official ratings suggest. It has
    produced very good untreated yields in both Agrii and official trials and it has also shown
    good second wheat performance that can be partly attributed to its Pch1 eyespot
  • It does not have Orange Wheat Blossom Midge resistance.

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