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Farm Saved Seed

Farm Saved Seed Processing Service

What makes Agrii Farm Saved Seed different?

  • Our fleet of 31 Mobile Seed Processing Vehicles offers nationwide coverage.
  • Agrii’s modern high capacity mobile units are equipped with high specification batch treaters which ensure an accurate and even chemical application.
  • We offer the full range of seed treatments, many of which have been trialled through our nationwide network of iFarms.
  • We have permanent Agrii staff who are experienced, fully trained and qualified in all aspects of seed processing and seed treatment application technology.

Agrii Farm Saved Seed is part of the BSPB’s Fair Play Campaign.


Useful Documents

Farm Saved Seed Brochure

Bulk Cleaning Brochure

BSPB Frequently Asked Questions

TakeOff & iMan Promotional Flyer



Bulk Cleaning

Bulk grain cleaning and colour separation services

Our mobile bulk-cleaning machines are based at Stafford and provide a very economical on-farm cleaning solution to most contaminant problems in combinable crops, thereby increasing the marketability of the crop. In some cases e.g. poor quality malting barley’s we can improve the quality from feed grade, back to malting specification and the customer retains valuable screenings, which in most cases can be fed or sold. This is a very attractive option for the majority of growers.

We offer three different cleaning systems:-

  • Bulk Rotary Cleaning
    Cleans and grades all combinable crops whilst leaving valuable screenings on farm. Speciality is achieving screening and retention specifications for malting barleys and large scale cereal cleaning operations (throughput for wheat, approx. 20-25 tonnes per hour)
  • Bulk Colour Separation
    Screening and precise digital colour separation of contaminants. Primarily used for ergot removal from cereals and cleaning discoloured peas and beans.
    (throughput for wheat, approx. 12 tonnes per hour)
  • Modified Gravity Cleaning
    For speciality cleaning, e.g. organics, linseed for oil, ahiflower seed, millet etc. (throughput 2–5 tonnes per hour, for wheat, approx. 8-10 tonnes per hour)

All our cleaning machines are hired by the hour and are supplied with experienced and fully qualified operators.


Grain sample from 120tn Barley, Oxfordshire January 2017. Colour sorted on-site to remove Ergot, small grains and chaff – cost equal to £12 per tonne.



Seed Treatments

Seed Treatments

Seed treatments are an affordable and effective way to optimise seed germination, plant establishment, early growth and yield potential. Our range of available seed treatments include:

  • Redigo Deter
    Redigo Deter provides excellent early control of aphids (BYDV), wireworm and leaf hoppers and reduces grain hollowing from slugs
  • Redigo Pro
    Controls the seed and soil borne diseases of wheat – it’s the latest formulation from Bayer CropScience to improve, handling, reduce dust and further improve loose smut and Fusarium control. It is based on a combination of prothioconazole and tebuconazole. It sets the standard for disease control.
  • Raxil Star (Winter Barley Only)
    Raxil Star is a specialist winter barley fungicide which improves crop performance and quality with activity against difficult to control diseases.
  • Vibrance Duo
    Contains fludioxonil and sedaxane for control of a range of seed borne diseases in winter wheat, winter triticale, winter rye and spring oats.
  • Austral Plus
    Provides a zone of protection around the seed which kills or repels wheat bulb fly or wireworm.
  • Latitude
    Currently the only specialist take-all seed treatment and is effective in all take all situations.
  • Take Off ST Take Off
    Improves root development and increases winter hardiness and drought tolerance also improving root mass and emergence.
  • i-Man
    i-Man manganese seed treatment utilises chemistry that, when in direct contact with soil particles, is protected from lock up and is available for root uptake – plus it’s unique with both penetrant and root activity.

WARNING – Use pesticides Safely – Always read the label


Laboratory Tests

Laboratory Tests

Agrii Farm Saved Seed provide lab testing either in-house or via NIAB laboratories.

Quality Tests

  • Germination
  • TZ viability (test result in 2 days)
  • Thousand grain weight
  • Full cereal, pulse and oilseed rape test packages available

Pathology Tests

  • Wheat: fusarium, Septoria and bunt
  • Barley: Leaf stripe, loose smut, net blotch

For more details on Lab tests or how to obtain sample bags, please contact your agronomist or Matt Carlton at Agrii Dunkirk, on 07885 253450.



Local contacts

Region Contact Phone Number
Inverness David Graham 07785 332218
Inverurie David Smith

George Proctor

07879 895903

07587 770359

Fife David Steel 07834 905562
Coldstream Gavin Flemming 01890 882960
Pocklington Roy Jefford 01759 301144
Lincoln Gavin Taylor 07973 854046
Wigtoft Gavin Taylor 07973 854046
Stafford Richard Hill 07970 230374
West Dereham Mark Taylor 07836 527251
Luton John Lewin 07880 039657
Moreton Mark Taylor 07836 527251
Larkwhistle Neil Swan

Doug Marshall

07747 472237

07775 826602

Finmere Doug Marshall 07775 826602
Dunkirk Matt Carlton 07885 253450
Exeter Neil Swan

Doug Marshall

07747 472237

07775 826602

National contacts

Role Name Phone Number
Farm Saved Seed Business Manager Mark Taylor 07836 527251
Farm Saved Seed Sales
Hugh Boswell 07740 926119
Bulk Cleaning Services Richard Hill 07970 230374