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Hyvido Belfry

Breeder: Syngenta Printable PDF
Type: 6-Row Feed Hybrid Barley


BelfryVariety Positioning

  • Hyvido Belfry came on to the Recommended List at the same time as Bazooka. Not as big and bulky as Bazooka, it offers a step up in performance for those looking to change out of conventional barley. Excellent all round disease resistance is reflected in its high untreated yields. While specific weight is slightly lower than Bazooka and screening losses are significantly lower than Volume.
  • High yield stability and like Bazooka it performs consistently well across all regions, sites and soil types. Likely to be grown on farms in preference to Bazooka where the sheer quantity of straw is a concern. Drill up to the end of October. High tillering capacity and semi-prostrate growth habit and straw of similar height to Volume.
  • Competitive against black-grass which will continue to be a key driver for hybrid barley in many parts of the country as well as its early maturity. The breeder has delivered better lodging resistance which has been a concern with Volume especially on heavy or more fertile land.
  • An outstanding set of disease resistance ratings and could set the standard for hybrid barley with no real weakness. A real opportunity to modify fungicide inputs. Like Bazooka it is also resistant to Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

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