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Rhiza launch

March 22, 2019

NEW DIGITAL AGRONOMY BUSINESS PROMISES TO PUT THE FUTURE IN EVERY UK FARMER’S HANDS Regardless of the number of acres they manage or what they grow, digital agronomy offers the way ahead for every UK arable or grazing livestock farmer… Read more

Digital Vision

March 22, 2019

DEVELOPING DIGITAL AGRONOMY Individual field performance potential updated throughout the season for variations in the weather and crop management. Dynamic fertiliser recommendations matched to crop growth and condition on a daily basis. Crop protection, growth regulation and foliar nutrition tailored… Read more

Soil tests under the microscope in Harper Adams / Agrii project

December 5, 2018

TESTING TIMES FOR SOIL HEALTH Simplistic measures of soil health can be extremely misleading.  Every one of today’s commercially available soil health tests has its limitations. And even if all the most sophisticated and costly one-off biological analyses were to… Read more

Making the most of residuals

October 1, 2018

Grassweed control in wheat can be markedly improved by better use of residual herbicides this autumn, according to the latest evidence from Agrii’s integrated crop management research programme. And not just by using extra flufenacet or more complicated herbicide stacks… Read more

Patience is key with South East wheat drillings

September 27, 2018

South East Agronomy Update from Ken McTaggart, Agrii agronomist in Kent Our ground seems to be working down very well this autumn; far better than we feared it might thanks to a decent wet spell in late August and our… Read more

Cultivating Extra Understanding – Revesby Farms Event

September 26, 2018

Put as much thought into buying and setting-up a £40,000 cultivator as you would a seed drill more than five times its price, growers from across the eastern counties were urged at a recent Lincolnshire cultivations practice day. And do… Read more