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TRAMLINES Season Two Wrap Up - Top FIVE Episodes Revealed

News - 02.05.23

Thanks to everyone who helped make Tramlines Season Two such a huge success. But most of all, thanks to you, our listeners for tuning in time and time again!

We couldn’t do it without you.

Here’s a look at the top 5 episodes from last season (based on listens).

1. Why Less is More for Nutrient Planning this Autumn:

In this episode we are talking to Agrii’s technical manager Tom Land and crop input specialist Tom Perrott. Today we are considering what we need to be thinking about when it comes to autumn nutrient planning for the winter cereal crop, so when it comes to harvest time we can see a profitable return on the investment.


2. Groundswell Session: Stories From The Soil Up With Three Regen Farmers:

In this episode we are live from Groundswell 2022 talking to farmers George Fraser, David White, Peter Cartwright and Andrew Richards, Senior Agronomist at Agrii, about their regenerative farming journeys. Today we are going to look into the transition to regenerative farming – what lessons can be learned, what gains have been seen on farm and how can the experiences of these three farmers help others considering this shift?



3. Five Years of Regenerative Farming with Farmer Tom:

In this episode we are talking to Agrii’s Ian Rudge conservation and regen agriculture lead, agronomist John Vickery and Tom Martin who farms in Peterborough. Today we are going to look at regen ag, looking at the key benefits of improving soil structure and how this can make a significant impact on farm sustainability.


4. Behind the Scenes of Becoming an Agronomist: 

In this episode we are talking to Kathryn Styan, Billy Hosdell, Matt Greep and Phoebe Foster who are all working in the field as advisors for Agrii. Today we are going to find out about their career experiences so far and the opportunities they see in the future working in agriculture.


5. Why Variety Choice is Critical for this Season: 

In this episode, we are talking to John Miles, seed technical manager at Agrii. Today we are going to talk about variety selection for wheat and barley. Asking the big question – is variety selection just as important, if not more important for this Autumn?


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