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December 17, 2019

UPDATE: Winter Cropping Options

The extremely wet Autumn has left many of you asking how late can winter crops be sown and, even if it’s possible at all.

The good news is that there are options available to you and our Technical Team have summarised some of your options below.

Please do consult your Agrii agronomist for the best advice as soil condition, drilling and cultivations practices are all important considerations before selecting an option.

We can also support you with variety selection using relevant and accurate data from our own Agrii List, as well as offering seed dressing and starter fertiliser to ensure your crops get off to the best possible start.

Winter Wheat

For wheat, we can keep going to the end of January with all varieties and this option is arguably preferable to spring wheat.

So, let’s consider Skyfall

skyfall winter wheat


Agrii R&D data over the years shows how group one Skyfall can compare in yield to group one Mulika going through to the spring. Various trials, right through to March drilling, show Skyfall is a very viable proposition.


Winter beans

So how about winter beans? The obvious thing is to drill beans as soon as possible. However, these will not appreciate being mauled in the wet, so we need to take a different approach if possible.

Over the years many winter bean fields have been drilled in Jan – March. There are several agronomic factors to consider here but this can be done, as shown in a spring bean trial from this year, drilled on the 28th February 2019 in Lincolnshire.

We included the winter bean variety Vespa and it yielded as well as any spring bean variety (speak to your Agrii agronomist for the data)

So, whilst not normal practice – well this year is not normal – pragmatism may be the way forward.


Winter Oats

Finally, winter oats? Are these a done deal or is there flexibility here too?

The reality is that winter oats don’t need vernalisation, so you can safely drill right into the spring up to early March, as conditions allow. Adjust the seed rate accordingly.

In Scotland, Mascani has performed reasonably well when drilled March to early April. Again, not ideal and drilling this late could impact on quality but for some, where the conditions are right, it is an option.


For specific advice for your farm, please consult your local Agrii agronomist.