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February 14, 2013

Extra Supplies of Quality Spring Seed

Growers wishing to make-up for failed winter plantings in the face of serious spring seed shortages this season need not take the risk of using imported seed of uncertain quality from varieties unproven under UK conditions, stresses Agrii northern seed manager, Matt Richardson.

“The appalling weather means a good 20% of the planned winter cropping across northern England hasn’t been able to go in,” he estimated at the Bishop Burton event. “And, a fair proportion of the crop actually drilled may not make it. Altogether, spring plantings look like being up 30-40% on previous years, putting huge pressure on spring seed stocks.

“To ease this situation, we’ve been able to secure extra supplies of spring barley, spring wheat and naked oats as well as feed and marrowfat  peas, spring rape and linseed from our UK and northern European networks. Processed through our Lincoln and Finmere sites, all this seed carries the double assurance of superior Masterseeds quality and varieties tested in UK trials.

“As well as reasonable supplies of both Quench and Odyssey, we’re now able to offer another top quality spring malting barley in Tam Tam with UK yields higher than Tipple plus excellent all-round disease resistance. In addition, we are exclusively offering the high quality European Group 2 spring wheat, KWS Sirocco on a special buyback contract with Glencore following positive initial interest from UK millers.

“Although Lennon spring naked oats are very now very short, we suggest the very low vernalisation winter variety, Hendon as an excellent alternative on a £35-£45/t over feed wheat buyback.  The variety can safely be drilled up to the end of March and delivers a very high straw value as well as being an effective cereal break.”

Also still available through Agrii for growers looking for a suitable cereal break are Kabuki, Genki and Sakura marrowfat peas, Rocket feed peas, Heros spring rape and several varieties of linseed.

“As you may expect, with the sheer volume of demand this spring the supply situation is constantly changing,” Matt Richardson pointed out. “We are continuing to source new supplies to provide growers with the best possible spring planting opportunities.

“However, we’re only offering varieties that have been adequately tested in the UK and producing them to our established Masterseeds quality standards.  In view of the conditions, we’re also highly recommending our proven Take-off seed dressing on all supplies for the most vigorous rooting and rapid establishment.

“Many growers will already be well out of their comfort zone with spring plantings this season. With our extra seed supplies we’re doing everything possible to minimise their risk while maximising their cropping opportunities in this most challenging season.”