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August 18, 2020

MV Fredericia buyback launched

An opportunity for UK growers to grow a top quality milling wheat with a guaranteed market.

MV Fredericia represents an opportunity for the UK’s domestic high protein wheat requirement to be met by UK growers – providing some protection from Brexit-related uncertainties. It offers an alternative to growing feed wheat for export, as well as helping to reduce the carbon footprint of UK food production.

This early maturing, high quality bread-making wheat from Hungary has been tested in the Agrii trials programme for the last four years and is now part of Glencore’s Milling Wheat Buyback Portfolio.

Selected for the UK market by Angus Wheat Consultants, MV Fredericia exhibits very good grain quality, with protein above 13%, extremely high specific weights, an HFN comfortably above 350 and good dough characteristics, meaning it has attracted interest for wholemeal flour. “We have done trial work with MV Fredericia over the last three years” says Raich Growdridge, Purchasing Director at Whitworth Brothers Ltd Flour Millers. “It shows all of the characteristics of a good breadmaking wheat and we will be using it in our mills going forwards, as it is more commonly grown.”

MV Fredericia wheat grown by R&L Chapman, Peterborough

MV Fredericia’s early maturity makes it an ideal entry crop for OSR. Its late-drill suitability also makes it an ideal choice after potatoes and sugar beet or in high grassweed situations, as its fast speed of growth gives it a very good competitive edge. Those who have been growing it so far are positive about its performance in high blackgrass situations. “MV Fredericia was nice to combine, produced great straw and is extremely competitive against blackgrass” says Charlie Tomkins, an MV Fredericia grower from Bedfordshire. “I would highly recommend anyone having blackgrass issues to give it a go. MV Fredericia out-yielded the G1 variety we grew and was on a par with a G4 hard wheat.

For more information you can download our MV Fredericia leaflet here.
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