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November 11, 2014

CAP: Everyone Online

There is a requirement for all claimants of the Basic Payment Scheme (what used to be the Single Payment Scheme) to go online to complete their application from this autumn. There will be no paper alternative as there has been in the past.

Any exceptions?

There has been a small group of people, approximately 18% of claimants, recognised that will require extra help by Defra – these have been written to. The majority of us will be largely left to our own devices.

Already online?

We are starting from scratch. The government gateway passwords and pin numbers that we once had for applying online are no longer of use and everyone needs to re-register. To be able to register you will need to answer some personal security questions online to verify who you are. These questions will be based on a number of documents of your choice including your passport, driving licence, EU ID card, bank account/credit card details and/or utility bills.

When do I need to register?

Packs are being sent out in batches throughout October and November 2014. As soon as you get yours you can go online and register yourself on the system ready for when you apply for you Basic Payment Scheme and Greening payments.

What comes next?

Once you have registered you can check your personal details and land parcels that Defra have registered for you. If adjustments need to be made these can be done in advance before your claim in May so it is advisable to check these as soon as you can to avoid any hold ups. You will also be able to add your agent in at this point and their permissions by using their registered number.

Mapping EFAs Online

The mapping program which will be available on the online system will be how you will map your Ecological Focus Areas (EFA) ready for your claim in May. Again this is worth getting mapped far in advance so you can see how you are doing with your EFA greening obligations and importantly if you need to find any extra bits.

It was hoped ELS options would be pre-populated onto these maps to make the exercise easier for where you will be using existing ELS areas to claim as part of EFA, this is not possible and so again this exercise needs to be carried out from scratch. The best advice is to get prepared with what you will be claiming for towards your EFA requirements ready for mapping in October/ November.

Can Agrii Help?

Yes, we can help you through each process explained in this article to get you online, mapped and ready to claim. If you would like to discuss please get in touch with Beth Metson on 07545 927 474 or

You can email Beth your comments and opinions via

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