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September 18, 2020

A great autumn for our brand new mobile seed processing unit!

These pictures show our Farm Saved Seed team’s latest new build mobile seed processing unit, in action for the very first time over the last couple of weeks in Hampshire.

We’re continually investing in the expansion of our nationwide fleet of Farm Saved Seed mobile seed processing units, and have an ambitious target of building two new units each year. This continuous rolling investment programme is essential to maintain our first class service nationwide, supporting British farmers in saving their own seed. It enables us to incorporate the latest innovative seed cleaning and treating machinery on the market within a space-efficient lorry design. It also ensures that our operators and machine assistants are working in the safest environment possible. This continued investment means that we can give our customers a first class service, ensuring the best quality seed produced on their own farms in the time frame that best suits them – allowing them to optimise drilling timescales.

Our new build machines are built in-house by our talented operators and engineering team, with key input from Waterlip Electrical Contracting, McArthur Agriculture, DAF Trucks, Bayer Crop Science and Sangati gravity selectors. The fact that our machines are built in-house means that our operators know then inside out, and are able to fix problems and find solutions quickly and efficiently, saving time on-farm.

We offer:

  • An exclusive range of seed treatments rigorously tested through our trials network to provide the best proven products available within the industry. Find out more here
  • Modern batch treaters, which ensure an accurate and even application of seed treatments
  • TGW testing at point of processing for greatest flexibility around quantities
  • Colour separation to remove contaminants such as ergot, and high capacity bulk grain cleaning service, to improve grain marketability.

Colour separation
Our digital colour separator removes unwanted contaminants from your seed crop, with minimal screenings. This is particularly effective for ergot removal in your wheat, barley, oats and triticale crops. It is also effective for removal of wild oats, sterile brome, pink tinted fusarium-infected seed and other contaminants which are a different colour from your grain or pulses. Digital colour separation can enhance your crop value and help you to avoid costly crop penalties and additional haulage charges. Pre-cleaning and seed treatment are available as part of the process and our machines have a capacity of 10 + tonnes per hour.

Bulk cleaning
Our mobile bulk cleaning unit is fully self-contained with its own on-board generator and high capacity rotary cleaner and grader. It handles all combinable crops and has a 20 + tonnes per hour capacity. Cleaned samples can also be treated for pests during the process.

Please get in touch with your local Farm Saved Seed contact for more information – (details here) or email info@agrii.co.uk.