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Conventional with TuYV resistance

UK Wide


Agrii’s biggest selling conventional variety

Excellent agronomy package including TuYV resistance

Variety Positioning

  • Amarone has a Northern AHDB Recommendation but it performed well across the UK in Agrii trials over the past three years (101% treated, 45.2% oil).

  • From the same breeder as Aardvark, it has already become Agrii’s most popular conventional variety.

  • Suitable for all soil types including more fertile situations. Relatively slow in the autumn (6) but quick to grow away in the spring (8). Relatively short (131 cm) and stiff (8) (9) and mid-maturity (5) (6).

  • Good all-round disease resistance with light leaf spot (7) (5) but weak against phoma/canker resistance (4) (6).

  • It shows average susceptibility to Verticillium stem stripe (6) but, in spite of showing some symptoms, it appears to yield consistently well and clearly benefits from the TuYV resistance trait.

Numbers in red – Agrii Advisory List data.
Numbers in black – AHDB Recommended List

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