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Protein Master

Protein Master - for growers in Scotland


Protein Master is a two to three year red clover ley, which will produce two to three high protein bulky silage cuts with quality aftermath grazing.

The red clover content will finish lambs extremely well, however red  clover contains oestrogen, which can affect the fertility of your breeding stock so don’t graze four to six weeks either side of tupping.

Care should also be taken if grazing cattle due to potential bloat issues from the red clover.

The high red clover content will help increase the overall yield and can also help to fix 100-150kg/N/ha/year offering potential opportunities to reduce N applications.

The red clover, Festulolium and tetraploid content will also ensure high yields even in dry years.

  • 25% Lofa Advanced hybrid Festulolium
  • 25% AberEcho Tetraploid HRG
  • 25% Seagoe Intermediate Diploid PRG
  • 25% Red Clover Blend
    ✔ 22% Amos
    ✔ 45% Sangria
    ✔ 33% Global
    (red clover varieties may change, subject to availability)
  • Packed in 20kg bags 
  • 13-15kg/acre


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