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DIY Base Mixtures

The following two cover crop mixtures have been developed to provide a balanced base mixture for farmers who want to design their own mixture to target a specific issue by utilising on-farm seed or bought-in straight species.


  • Combination of three reliable species
  • Suited to all soil types
  • Suitable for all rotations


  • High legume content to target nitrogen fixation
  • Boost soil health and beneficial insects
  • Suited to medium/lighter soils

Additional species to add to target specific issues:

Soil structure on heavier soil types:

  • Radish species – smart, daikon and oil types

Diffuse pollution reduction / nutrient capture:

  • Cereals – rye and black oats
  • Radish – high biomass types
  • White mustard

Nitrogen fixation and soil health:

  • Vetch species – common, hairy and purple
  • Clovers – berseem and crimson

Bespoke custom cover crop mixtures are available from our Lincoln seed production facility, please enquire.

Seed should be drilled before the end of August to ensure good establishment and maximise biomass.

Adjust seed rates to account for soil conditions and drilling date.

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