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Spring Peas

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Daytona – Blue (Breeder’s Agent: Agrii)

  • The leading blue pea for quality and colour retention. Daytona has consistently delivered samples of good colour retention across a range of conditions better than other blue pea varieties. This gives growers the best chance of maximising premiums into the human and micronizing pet food market.
  • Daytona is also one of the earliest blue peas available and also has one the best scores for standing ability and Downy Mildew resistance.

Kareni – White (Breeder’s agent: Senova)

  • A high yielding white pea newly introduced in spring 2017. Yields from harvest 2017 have shown it continues to deliver yields above the likes of Gregor and Mascara.
  • Medium to large seed size suited to human food split pea market.
  • Good standing ability and medium maturity. With average resistance to Downy Mildew.

Karpate – White (Breeder’s agent: Senova)

  • Slightly higher yielding in trials than Kareni, both in 2017 and in previous years and likely to sit at the top of the list for white peas.
  • Large seed size, ideal for the split pea market.
  • Very similar agronomically to Kareni, so has no particular weaknesses agronomically. Very limited seed available for 2018.

Ragtime –White (Breeder’s agent: Agrii)

  • Known to produce very attractive white pea samples for both shape and colour and therefore may be capable of fetching a premium. Suitable for home and export markets.
  • Very good standing ability and is earlier to mature than some other white peas.

Zero4 – Blue (Breeder’s agent: Limagrain)

  • Zero4 is a small blue pea with short straw but good standing ability and very early maturity. Experience has shown that it can mature between one and two weeks earlier than other commercially available varieties depending on location.
  • It is suitable for most blue pea markets. Should be drilled at a higher sowing rate than other blue peas to maximise yields. Target 110 plants/m2.

Sakura – Marrowfat (Breeder’s agent: Dalton’s Seeds)

  • The most popular human consumption variety, due to consistent performance, good colour retention and very large seed size. Advisable to be grown on buy back contracts to ensure defined market security. Yields can be within 10-15% of white or blue peas with an attractive premium for the right sample which more than compensates in gross margin terms.
  • Its standing ability and maturity are similar to Prophet but Downy Mildew resistance is poorer than most blue and white peas.

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