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Spring Beans

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Tiffany (Breeder: LSPB)

  • Tiffany is a new spring bean variety to the market with enhanced feeding qualities for animals. It has produced high yields and good protein levels in trials, however the key attribute is that it is very low in Vicine and Convicine, which are not easily digested by animals. These have shown to work particularly well in poultry and pigs.
  • Specific buy back contracts are available with this LVC variety. It is not advisable to grow this variety without a defined end market contract.
  • In limited breeder’s and official trials to date Tiffany has produced yields comparable with Vertigo and Fanfare and above Fuego.
  • The variety also has decent straw strength and is of early maturity. Downy Mildew resistance is rated as average. Tiffany is an RAC (Royalty Area Collection) variety, this means the seed cost does not include royalty and that the grower will be paying it based on the area grown.

Vertigo (Breeder: LSPB)

  • Introduced to the market at the same time as Fanfare. Has a slightly higher yield on the PGRO 2017 Recommended List.
  • Similar in maturity to Fanfare and like Fanfare is suitable for the premium export markets.
  • Large seed size which contributes towards producing the attractive samples needed for the premium export markets.
  • Slightly weaker in straw than Fanfare but slightly better Downy Mildew resistance.

Fanfare (Breeder: LSPB)

  • A fully recommended variety on the PGRO list. Produces high yields and is of early maturity.
  • Good consistent yield performance over the past 5 years and has performed very well in trials in 2017.
  • A pale hilum variety with a moderate to large seed size that is usually suitable for the premium export market.
  • Solid agronomics with good standing ability at harvest and an average resistance to Downy Mildew.

Fuego (Breeder’s agent: Limagrain)

  • Long established and reliable variety that has a good track record with the suppliers to the export market.
  • Stiffest variety available in the market and slightly shorter than Vertigo and Fanfare with good early maturity too. In the past has consistently produced a large seed size suited to the export market.
  • Downy Mildew resistance is below average and will require more intensive management.

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