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Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil Monitoring

Water is a costly and limited resource and the amount and timing of crop irrigation can have a massive impact on crop yield and quality. Good irrigation management requires knowledge of the soil moisture status.

  • Soil Moisture Monitoring provides multi-depth soil moisture information, which can be linked to Soil Management Zones.
  • Enables more efficient use of water and help optimise the yield and quality of your crops.
  • Network link with our Weather Stations or add additional in-crop sensors for improved decision support e.g. pest & disease forecasts.

Monitoring your crops remotely

First probes are installed to establish soil moisture readings.

Soil moisture probes and rain gauges are fitted with a telemetry unit that uses a SIM card to deliver the data into the cloud. The probes provide site specific soil moisture information in near real-time at 10cm levels through the profile.

The probes can be positioned using Rhiza field scans for specific management zones.

Other weather sensors can be added to soil moisture stations for additional Decision Support e.g. for pest & disease forecasts/models, day degree calculations.



New Dashboard

Our new Dashboard is a localised soil management tool allowing customers and agronomists to accurately monitor soil moisture performance, helping to support decision making on farm. The platform highlights the soil water state in mm of SMD within the soil profile.

Key Features:

  • Multiple probes and installations, all managed in one place
  • Soil moisture state shown in mm of water deficit
  • Additional graphical display of each active probe
  • Near-live soil moisture information in designated management zone
  • Combination with rainfall & evapotranspiration for better understanding

Soil Moisture gauge, rainfall and Eto

Crop Water uptake and wetting front

Avoiding drought stress


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