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Over the past 40 years the Master Seeds brand has set the benchmark for seed quality in the UK.

  • Tested more rigorously than both C1 and C2 Higher Voluntary Standard seed
  • Processed exclusively in Agrii facilities
  • Fully traceable and quality control is rigorous
  • Utilises the best available treatments as standard
  • Exemplary in its delivery record nationwide
  • Supported by regional and local R&D and full agronomy backup

Seed On Time

Confidence in the delivery of seed to farm is crucial to fit in with farm workloads. Seed companies are often judged on their ability to deliver in the heat of the drilling season.

Agrii has a proven track record for delivery over many years and runs state-of-the-art distribution networks.

Cereals are distributed from the four regional sites direct to farm. Most deliveries are made using dedicated hauliers. Approved pallet-shippers are sometimes used for urgent deliveries or to more remote areas like the West coast of Scotland.

Small seeds including Oilseed Rape, Master Leys and Cover Crops are delivered via the UK’s largest agrochemical distribution hub based in Cambridgeshire.

Agrii aims for very high standards:

  • Next day delivery to farm for orders Saturday deliveries are standard from May through to the end of September
  • Most deliveries are made in Agrii vans with local knowledge of individual farms and farm stores

Technical Backup

There is a large dedicated team supporting Agrii’s seed business.

Order processing, planting and tracking systems are constantly being improved to give confidence to growers that seed will be delivered in line with the Master Seeds standards.

Agrii employs over 280 agronomists and technical support staff to provide customer support where necessary. It offers buy-backs and grain marketing opportunities through its collaboration with Glencore Grain UK Ltd in England and Scotgrain in Scotland.

Agrii’s agronomists gain an additional insight into variety performance based on extensive R&D trials.


GB Seeds

GB Seeds

Based in East Anglia, GB Seeds is Agrii’s specialist seed and feed business. GB Seeds is a supplier of:

      • Agricultural grass seeds
      • Game cover seeds
      • Amenity grasses
      • Certified cereal, pulse and oilseeds
      • Pet, wild bird and human consumption seeds
      • Superioats – naked oats

More Information

For more information please contact James Ashford on 07590 962688 or Skye Van Heyzen on 07912 043305. Alternatively you can visit the GB seed webstite at


Investment In Seed

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Master Seeds Investment Programme

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Winter Wheat
Type Variety Printable PDF
Group 1 Bread KWS Zyatt KWS Zyatt PDF
Group 1 Bread Crusoe Crusoe PDF
Group 1 Bread Skyfall Skyfall PDF
Group 2 Bread KWS Siskin KWS Siskin PDF
Group 2 Bread KWS Lili KWS Lili PDF
Group 2 White Wheat Alabaster Alabaster PDF
Group 3 Biscuit KWS Barrel KWS Barrel PDF
Group 3 Biscuit KWS Basset KWS Basset PDF
Group 3 Biscuit & Export Elicit Elicit PDF
Group 4 Distilling & Export Elation Elation PDF
Group 4 Distilling & Feed Skyscraper Skyscraper PDF
Group 4 Soft Feed LG Sundance LG Sundance PDF
Group 4 Soft Feed Bennington Bennington PDF
Group 4 Soft Feed RGT Westminster RGT Westminster PDF
Group 4 Soft Feed Revelation Revelation PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed RGT Gravity  RGT Gravity PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed Gleam Gleam PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed Dickens Dickens PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed Graham Graham PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed Costello Costello PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed KWS Kerrin KWS Kerrin PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed KWS Crispin KWS Crispin PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed Shabras Shabras PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed Dunston Dunston PDF
Winter Barley
Winter Oilseed Rape
Type Variety Printable PDF
Hybrid DK Exclaim DK Exclaim PDF
Hybrid DK Exalte DK Exalte PDF
Hybrid Alizze Alizze PDF
Hybrid InV1035 InV1035 PDF
Hybrid DK ExSteel DK ExSteel PDF
Hybrid Hunivers Hunivers PDF
Hybrid DK Expedient  DK Expedient PDF
HOLL Hybrid V316OL V316OL PDF
HEAR Hybrid Rocca Rocca PDF
Clearfield DK Imperial CL DK Imperial CL PDF
Clearfield Hybrid DK Impresario CL DK Impresario CL PDF
Clearfield Hybrid PT279CL PT279CL PDF
Clubroot Archimedes Archimedes PDF
Clubroot Hybrid Crome Crome PDF
Clubroot Hybrid DK Platinium DK Platinium PDF
Conventional Anastasia Anastasia PDF
Conventional Aspire Aspire PDF
Conventional Broadway Broadway PDF
Conventional Elgar Elgar PDF
Conventional Nikita Nikita PDF
Spring Wheat
Type Variety Printable PDF
Group 1 Bread Mulika Mulika PDF
Feed KWS Kilburn KWS Kilburn PDF
Group 2 Bread KWS Chilham KWS Chilham PDF
Spring Oats
Type Variety Printable PDF
Husked Firth Firth PDF
Husked WPB Elyann WPB Elyann PDF
Husked Canyon Canyon PDF 
Husked Aspen Aspen PDF
 N/A Naked Oats Naked Oats PDF 
Spring Barley
Type Variety Printable PDF
Distilling Sienna Sienna PDF
Distilling KWS Sassy KWS Sassy PDF
Distilling Concerto  Concerto PDF
Distilling Chronicle Chronicle PDF
Brewing Sangira Sangria PDF
Brewing Propino Propino PDF
Brewing & Export KWS Irina KWS Irina PDF
Brewing, Feed & Export RGT Planet RGT Planet PDF
Brewing, Distilling, Feed & Export Laureate Laureate PDF
Malting Explorer Explorer PDF
Feed Rhyncostar Rhyncostar PDF
Feed Hacker Hacker PDF
Pulses and Oilseeds


Seed Contacts

National Enquiries

Head of Seed: Richard Lawrence (07836 567210)

Commercial Support: Louise Rawlinson (07721 788943)

Arable Products: Barry Barker (07767 330109)

Forage Products: Brendan Paul (07767 310454)

Grain Enquiries: Paul Taylor (07525 234309)

Regional Enquiries

Region Contact Phone Number
Central Scotland & Borders Rodger Shirreff 07831 188500
Central South Dorian Jones 07774 739582
Central & Southern England Ian Davy 07890 550559
Central England David Smith 07768 865078
East Midlands Kevin Woodman 07768 507204
East Midlands Sam Gallagher 07841 777026
Inverness & The Black Isle David Graham 07785 332218
Lincolnshire David Leaper 07972 188228
North Anglia Simon Hobbs 07770 643365
Northern Ireland Louise Rawlinson 07721 788943
North of England Matt Richardson 07887 547287
North of England Rebecca Gibson  07721 128172
North East of Scotland Gordon Stewart 07801 197502
South Anglia & Kent Angie Baker 07769 193895
Hereford & Worcs and South Wales Hayley Wilcox 07966 370355
GB Seeds Skye Van Heyzen 07912 043305
West Midlands Hannah Irons 07841 915136