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Agrii Autumn Seed Yearbook Now Available

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Agrii Guide to Grass and Roots 2021 now available

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Skyfall Bounce Back Brassica Seed offer!

Skyfall is a great new alternative to Tyfon and can produce several bites from one crop. For more information, please get in touch with your usual Agrii contact, or call Ben Lowe on 07966 533374. Full offer terms and conditions here.

View our Spring Seed Yearbooks here:
England and Wales Scotland

Master Seeds

Agrii-Seed encompasses all of the different areas of Agrii’s seed business, including:
– Master Seeds (read more below) and see our arable varieties tab above
– Master Leys (read more under the ‘forage’ tab above)
– Maize seed (please see the ‘maize’ tab above)
– Cover crops and game cover crops (read more under the ‘forage’ tab above)
– GB Seeds – find out more under our crop marketing pages here
– Farm Saved Seed – find out more here


Winter Wheat
Variety Type Agrii info and video Breeder leaflet
Group 1 Bread KWS Zyatt KWS Zyatt PDF
Group 1 Bread Skyfall Skyfall PDF
Group 2 Bread KWS Extase KWS Extase PDF
Group 2 Bread KWS Siskin KWS Siskin PDF
Bread other Axioma N/A
Bread other Mv Fredericia Mv Fredericia PDF
Group 3 Biscuit & Potential Distilling LG Astronomer LG Astronomer PDF
Group 4 Distilling, Feed & Export Elation Elation PDF
Group 3 Biscuit & Export Elicit Elicit PDF
Group 3, Biscuit & Export KWS Firefly KWS Firefly PDF
Group 4 Feed RGT Saki RGT Saki PDF
Group 4 Distilling & Feed Skyscraper Skyscraper PDF
Group 4 Distilling & Feed Spotlight Spotlight PDF
Group 4 Potential Distilling & Feed LG Tapestry N/A
Group 4 Hard Feed Costello Costello PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed KWS Cranium KWS Cranium PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed KWS Dawsum KWS Dawsum PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed Dunston Dunston PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed Fitzroy N/A
Group 4 Hard Feed Gleam Gleam PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed Graham Graham PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed SY Insitor SY Insitor PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed KWS Kerrin KWS Kerrin PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed RGT Lantern RGT Lantern PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed KWS Parkin KWS Parkin PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed RGT Silversurfer RGT Silversurfer PDF
Group 4 Hard Feed RGT Westminster RGT WestminsterPDF
Group 4 Hard Feed RGT Wolverine RGT Wolverine PDF
Winter Barley
Type Agrii Variety Summary Breeder Leaflet
6-row Feed (Hybrid) SY Armadillo N/A
6-row Feed (Hybrid) Bazooka N/A
6-row Feed (Hybrid) Belfry N/A
6-row Feed (Hybrid) SY Kingsbarn N/A
2-row Malting Craft Craft PDF
2-row Feed California California PDF
2-row Feed Memento N/A
2-row Feed KWS Orwell KWS Orwell PDF
2-row Feed KWS Tardis KWS Tardis PDF
2-row Feed Valerie Valerie PDF
Winter Oilseed Rape
Type Agrii Variety Summary Breeder PDF
Hybrid (TuYV) Ambassador Ambassador PDF
Hybrid DK Exsteel DK Exsteel PDF
Hybrid InV1035 InV1035 PDF
Hybrid (TuYV) LG Auckland N/A
Hybrid Respect Respect PDF
Hybrid (TuYV) Tennyson Tennyson PDF
HEAR Rocca N/A
Clearfield DK Impressario CL DK Impressario PDF
Clearfield InV1266 CL InV1266 CL PDF
Clearfield (TuYV) Matrix CL Matrix CL PDF
Clubroot Crome Crome PDF
Clubroot (TuYV) LG Anarion N/A
Conventional (TuYV) Amarone N/A
Conventional Aardvark Aardvark PDF
Conventional Anastasia Anastasia PDF
Spring Barley
Type Variety Download pdf
Brewing, Export, Feed Skyway Skyway PDF
Brewing, Export, Feed RGT Planet RGT Planet PDF
Brewing, Distilling, Export, Feed Laureate Laureate PDF
Brewing (contract only) Explorer Explorer PDF
Brewing, Feed Propino Propino PDF
Brewing, Distilling, Feed LG Diablo LG Diablo PDF
Potential Brewing, Feed Iconic Iconic PDF
Potential Brewing, Feed Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan PDF
Potential Brewing, Feed SY Splendor SY Splendor PDF
Feed Hacker Hacker PDF
Distilling (Scotland) KWS Sassy KWS Sassy PDF
Potential Distilling (Scotland) Firefoxx Firefoxx PDF
Potential Distilling (Scotland) SY Tungsten SY Tungsten PDF
Crop Type Printable PDF
Winter Beans Winter Beans PDF
Winter oats
Crop Type Printable PDF
Husked oats Husked oats PDF
Naked oats Naked oats PDF
Spring oats
Type Variety Breeder/Agent summary
Husked oat Canyon Saaten Union pdf
Husked oat WPB Elyann KWS pdf
Husked oat WPB Isabel KWS pdf
Husked oat Delfin Saaten Union pdf
Naked oat Oliver and Lennon Agrii pdf

Link to Seed Rate Calculator

Master Seeds RESERVED seed is held back from the previous harvest for growers who require early seed supply for the following year.
It is cleaned, then germination tested and treated in June/July and delivered immediately. It has all of the usual Master Seeds benefits, but with the peace of mind of being able to reserve your priority seed, ready and tailored as you need it, to meet your early drilling requirements.
Securing your seed supply with RESERVED seed means that it will arrive on farm, in advance, at a convenient time for you -avoiding logistical problems at the time of drilling.

Please get in touch with your usual Agrii Agronomist or Seed Specialist for more information, or contact the Agrii Seed Desk on 01277 898202 or

Seed Treatment

Cereal Seed Treatments

Seed treatments are an affordable and effective way to optimise seed germination, plant establishment, early growth and yield potential. Our range of available seed treatments include:

  • Beret Gold
    Controls the seed and soil borne diseases of winter and spring wheat. It is based on a fludioxonil and has low dust and excellent flowability through the drill.
  • Redigo Pro
    Controls the seed and soil borne diseases of wheat and spring barley, oats, rye and triticale – it’s the latest formulation from Bayer CropScience to improve, handling, reduce dust and further improve loose smut and Fusarium control. It is based on a combination of prothioconazole and tebuconazole.
  • Rancona iMixThe preferred base treatment for spring barley based on a combination of ipconazole and imazalil. It control loose smut, leaf stripe and seedling blight dieases. Agrii trials also show that it control seed-borne net blotch. It is also used with Vibrance Duo on barley to boost activity against loose smut and leaf stripe.
  • Raxil Star (Winter Barley Only)
    Raxil Star is a specialist winter barley fungicide which improves crop performance and quality with activity against difficult to control diseases.
  • Vibrance Duo
    Contains fludioxonil and sedaxane for control of a range of seed borne diseases in winter wheat, winter triticale, winter rye, spring oats and winter and spring barley. It also increases root and shoot biomass in both winter and spring crops
  • Signal
    Provides a zone of protection around the seed which kills or repels wheat bulb fly or wireworm in autumn/winter sown wheat and barley. It cannot be used in cereals drilled later than the end of January,
  • Latitude
    Currently the only specialist take-all seed treatment and is effective in all take all situations.
  • Take Off ST
    Two complimentary bio-stimulants to increase root growth and photosynthetic efficiency. Contains stabilised phosphite and pyro-glutamic acid. Increases winter hardiness and drought tolerance also improving root mass and emergence.
  • i-Man
    Highest load Manganese (450g/t) available and contains a collating agent that prevents lock-up by the soil. Applies 20% more Mn than New Manganese Solution and uptake is via the seed coat and roots to get more Mn into the plant.
  • Zax
    High load Zinc (450g/t) formulation. Responses even in non-deficient soils and consistent yield responses across a range of crops including wheat, barley and oats.
  • AgNition
    High load Copper (250g/t) formualtion that is perfect for copper deficient soils, high organic matter soils and phosphate-rich soils.

OSR Seed Treatments

Seed treatments are also applied to oilseed rape to control diseases and stimulate early vigorous growth. They include:

  • Integral Pro
    It is a biological control agent that colonizes the roots and releases exudates that control seed-borne Phoma, Alternaria and Rhizoctonia. It also stimulates root and shoot growth and controls low to moderate levels of Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle.
  • Take Off OSR
    A phosphite-based bio-stimulant that promotes early root development and boosts crop establishment and early crop vigour.

WARNING – Use pesticides Safely – Always read the label
Link to Seed Rate Calculator

Master Leys

Forage and cover crops document library:
(please click on the images to open)


The Master Leys range of grass mixtures offers full and comprehensive options for all types of farming systems and regions of the UK.
Working in close coordination with leading grass seed breeders throughout the UK and Europe, Agrii are able to access the best varieties to formulate the Master Leys portfolio. In addition to this, Agrii grows and produces over 80% of the grass seed used to produce Master Leys . This enables us to have a greater control over the quality of the seed we use and ensures that what goes into a Master Leys bag is of the highest possible standard.


To help reduce reliance on bought-in winter feed, we also offer a wide range of root seeds, which will help provide additional home grown winter forage.
By visiting trial sites and working closely with breeders, it means we are able to choose and offer the best varieties across all species of roots. Not only can we offer the best varieties, we can also offer advice on establishment techniques, nutrition for the crop and agrochemical inputs, to help you achieve maximum forage output.
Along with this, we can also offer advice on feeding the crop to help reduce wastage and to make sure the crop that you have grown is utilised to its full potential.

Find out more

For more information on Master Leys and Agrii’s grass and roots offer, please get in touch with your usual Agrii contact, or Adam Simper on 07866 139228 or email

Cover Crops

Cover crops used correctly as part of your soil management strategy can deliver a range of benefits. The key element in improving soil health and productivity in the long term, is to increase your soil organic matter content. This is best done by selecting the correct cover crops for your farming operation. Please get in touch for details of the varieties that we have available, or for a copy of our
cover crops guide.


View our Maize brochure here.
England and Wales

Type Agrii Variety Summary Breeder Variety Summary
Very early (FAO 150) Gema Limagrain pdf
Very early (FAO 160) Rubiera KWS pdf
Early (FAO 160-170) Avitus KWS pdf
Early (FAO 180) Fieldstar Limagrain pdf
Early (FAO 190) Resolute Limagrain pdf
Early (FAO 190) Gatsby Limagrain pdf
Late (FAO 200) Expedia DSV pdf


Your local Agrii Seed contacts can be viewed on the map below. Please click on the map to enlarge

Link to Seed Rate Calculator

For your local contact for Farm Saved Seed, please click here.

Agrii would like to reassure you that all practical measures and facilities to minimise the risk to everyone from Covid-19 have been implemented across all Agrii sites.

We have listened to the expert advice and acted to protect our staff and the wider community and also to ensure that we continue to operate with minimal disruption for our customers. Our COVID-19 risk assessment detailing the measures we are taking can be viewed here. We are taking all necessary measures to ensure our high levels of service are maintained.

We would like to give a big thank you to our customers, suppliers and workforce for their pragmatic response and understanding during this difficult and testing time.