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Breeder: Syngenta UK Ltd Printable PDF
Type: Brewing & Export Pedigree: Quench x NFC Tipple


Variety Positioning

  • Still the benchmark malting variety for England and consequently has been the most popular variety for the pure malting barley grower. Widely accepted by both domestic and continental maltsters as a brewing barley. RGT Planet and Laureate consistently out-perform it on both treated and untreated yields but it remains a conservative market and end users will continue to demand it for several years to come. With a buoyant export market this variety is most suitable for barley growers south of the M4.
  • Proven to be very consistent across regions and years and farmers know how to grow it. It gives its best performance on medium soils. Contracts are usually for the higher nitrogen specification of max 1.85% N. Grain nitrogen levels in Propino are typically between those of Optic and NFC Tipple. In most situations, it needs 120-150 kg/ha nitrogen applying 25% when tramlines are visible and 75% at GS13. Good grain characteristics and very low screenings. Medium tall with good straw strength and excellent Brackling resistance.
  • Reasonably high untreated yields are supported by good underlying disease resistance. It has good resistance to Rhynchosporium but is weak relative to other varieties on Mildew and the less common Yellow Rust. Growers who are new to growing spring barley will find Propino to be a very stable and straightforward variety to grow.

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The data presented here is a partial abstraction from the AHDB Recommended List. The complete data set is available on the AHDB website here