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Matrix CL

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Regional Suitability: E&W Region Type: Clearfield and TuYV Hybrid

InV1035Variety Positioning

  • Matrix CL has been a game-changer variety and t has quickly established itself as the go-to variety for the Clearfield system. Tested by Agrii over the past two years, its high yields (103% treated, 91% untreated, 45.9% oil) make 9% higher yielding than both DK Impressario CL and InV1266 CL. It comes with RLM7 phoma, TuYV and pod shatter resistance that contributes to its higher yield potential.
  • Its best performance is in the East and West regions, which are also the main markets for the technology. Suitable for all soil types. Average height (141 cm), stiff (8), has good lodging resistance (7) and early maturity (6).
  • Like most Clearfield varieties it is relatively weak on light leaf spot (5) but has RLM7 phoma/canker resistance (8, AHDB) and good tolerance to Verticillium wilt (7). The light leaf spot rating may limit interest further north and requires monitoring, but it is a price worth paying for a much-improved variety.

Data source: Agrii Advisory List


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