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LG Diablo

Breeder: RAGT Seeds Ltd Download pdf
Type: Brewing, Distilling & Feed Pedigree: Overture x Sanette

Variety Positioning

  • The highest yielding spring barley variety with full approval for brewing and malt distilling on the AHDB Recommended List. Increasing in popularity and now accounts for 13% and 12% of certified seed in England and Scotland respectively. Good physical grain quality with a high hot water extract that is favoured by end users. It also has low grain nitrogen and a specific weight (67.1 kg/hl) better than that of Laureate.
  • Outperforms other leading varieties, especially in the key malting barley growing areas of the East and North regions and also performs as a high yielding feed barley. In Agrii trials it has yielded at 103% (treated) and 91% (untreated) relative to controls over the past three years.
  • Medium in height (73 cm), reasonably stiff straw (7), good brackling resistance (7) and medium-late maturity. It produces an intermediate to high straw yield.
  • A good disease resistance package is reflected in its high untreated yield. Mildew (9), brown rust (6), Rhynchosporium (5) and moderately resistant to net blotch.
  • Further information from the breeder can be found here

The data presented here is a partial abstraction from the AHDB Recommended List. The complete data set is available on the AHDB website here