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Breeder:  Limagrain Printable PDF
Region: E&W Region Type: Hybrid

Variety Positioning

  • Joint top of the UK Recommended List and one of the latest TuYV resistant hybrids from Limagrain. Tested by Agrii in 2021 it delivered very high treated yields (110%) and high oils (45.4%) across four sites. It is step up from Ambassador with a slightly faster autumn growth habit (8), quick to grow away in the spring (8) and improved Verticillium tolerance.
  • Suitable for all soils and regions of the UK for drilling from early August right through to mid-September. It has an average height (144 cm), reasonable stem stiffness (7), and lodging resistance (6) so a robust PGR programme is advised. It has mid-maturity (5).
  • Excellent disease profiles including a robust light leaf spot rating (7) and RLM7 stem canker resistance (7, AHDB). The breeder has evidence from UK and French trials to show that it is less affected by Verticillium wilt compared with Ambassador with less pronounced symptoms. It also carries the trait for pod shatter resistance.

Data source: www.cereals.ahdb.org.uk/ and Agrii Advisory List

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