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LG Anarion

Breeder:  Limagrain Printable PDF
Region: E&W Region Type: Clubroot TuYV Hybrid

Variety Positioning

  • A non-Recommended List clubroot resistant variety that is already approved on the continent. Very high yields (100% of controls) in UK National List trials and was 10% higher yielding than Alasco and 5% higher yielding than the UK market leader, Crome, in the breeder’s own trials. Limited by seed availability last year, LG Anarion is set to be Agrii’s main clubroot variety this autumn.
  • Suitable for all regions of the UK. Excellent autumn (8) and spring vigour (8) in Agrii trials over the past two years and excellent winter hardiness was confirmed in Polish trials. It is quick to grow away in the spring and grows to be relatively tall (140 cm) with good standing ability (8). Mid-flowering and maturity (5).
  • Good light leaf spot (7) and RLM7 phoma/stem canker (6) resistance. It also incorporates the valuable pod shatter resistance trait which is now standard in all of the hybrids from Limagrain. Like all the clubroot varieties, LG Anarion should be used as part of an integrated approach using other cultural methods of control. Recommended for use on clubroot infected land only to minimise the risk of resistance to this valuable genetic trait.

Data source: www.cereals.ahdb.org.uk/ and Agrii Advisory List


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