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KWS Parkin

Breeder: KWS Breeder PDF
Type: Group 4, Hard Feed Pedigree: Reflection x Costello

Variety Positioning

  • A short, stiff and early variety that KWS positioned as a Grafton replacement. Performed well in Agrii trials over the past two years with high yields (101% treated, 83%) and an average specific weight (76.3 kg/hl, AHDB). It didn’t make it on to the UK Recommended List last year and consequently has a relatively low market share (2%).
  • Suitable for all regions except those with high sterility risk. It is a fast-developing variety so it is not a true Grafton-replacement. Best drilled from the last week of September unless further north, and grown as a first wheat, as its second wheat performance has been consistently poor. Best drilled no later than the end of December and it only has average grassweed competitiveness.
  • It has short and very stiff straw (untreated 8, treated 9) and is ideally suited to high fertility or mixed farming situations. Early maturity (-2) is another useful characteristic.
  • It has good yellow rust (8.8), average Septoria tritici (5.4) but poor brown rust (3.0) resistance, so this needs to be managed carefully. Not resistant to orange wheat blossom midge.

KWS Parkin | Group 4 Winter Wheat

Filmed at Throws Farm, Essex – June 2021

Filmed at Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire – June 2021

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