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Breeder: Syngenta Printable PDF
Type: Group 4, Hard Feed Pedigree: Kielder x Hereford


Variety Positioning

  • The highest yielding variety in Agrii’s trials over two years and good untreated yields too. Concern over its longer term disease resilience due to the weakness of its parent; Kielder was very susceptible to Yellow Rust and Hereford to Brown rust. In the meantime its performance is excellent and it delivers good physical grain quality.
  • Suitable for all regions of the UK and all soils including light soils. With a very slow speed of development it has potential for early drilling but is probably best drilling in the main drilling window. Medium height with good standing ability and relatively early maturity in Agrii’s trials (-1). Good Eyespot resistance and evidence from official trials that it performs well as a second wheat. Its slow growth habit means that it is not very competitive against grass weeds and probably less suitable than other varieties for later drilling.
  • Good all round disease resistance at the moment but Agrii’s trials suggest that its Brown Rust is weaker (4.4) that the official rating and it appears more susceptible to Fusarium ear blight.
  • Resistant to Orange Wheat Blossom Midge.

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