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Agrii’s fertiliser portfolio offers competitive supply of the most comprehensive range of products in the market coupled with technical support services and advice. We understand that nutrition is the cornerstone of high performing arable crops and grassland regimes, which is why Agrii specialists are equipped with the most up-to-date research and the best fertiliser products to tailor your nutrition programmes so you can achieve the full potential from your soils.

Agrii’s fertiliser service offers you choice – from a comprehensive range of products made by well-known manufacturers of complex compounds, Ammonium nitrate and Nitrogen sulphur products, blended fertilisers, imports, liquids and speciality products.

For More Information

Please contact one of our Fertiliser Product Managers (see below) or use the ‘Ask us a question’ facility on this website to find out more.

Our latest fertiliser newsletter for the South West of England is now available, containing feature articles on sulphur – the fourth element, and nutrient planning for spring. You can also find out more about the supply and apply service available from our south west office, and who to get in touch with for more information.

View the South West Fertiliser Update here – March 2015

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Regional Fertiliser Product Managers

Region Contact Phone Number
North Ian Baillie 07909 686578
Keith Whittaker 07919 057752
Tom Land 07730 764043
Peter Read 07836 387686
Francis Pickering 07827 831275
South Stuart Menhinick 01277 898201
Paul Gill 07831 324979
Alistair King 07880 787473
National Rob Willey 07768 865088