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Agrii’s fertiliser portfolio offers competitive supply of the most comprehensive range of products in the market coupled with technical support services and advice. We understand that nutrition is the cornerstone of high performing arable crops and grassland regimes, which is why Agrii specialists are equipped with the most up-to-date research and the best fertiliser products to tailor your nutrition programmes so you can achieve the full potential from your soils.
Agrii’s fertiliser service offers you choice – from a comprehensive range of products made by well-known manufacturers of complex compounds, Ammonium nitrate and Nitrogen sulphur products, blended fertilisers, imports, liquids and speciality products.



Advanced crop nutrition from the nutritional agronomy experts

Liqui-SafeA unique urease and nitrification inhibitor for liquid fertiliser, Liqui-Safe enables you to increase yield while benefitting soil biology.
A unique urease and Nitrification inhibitor for liquid fertiliser.
See how Liqui-Safe Improves Nitrogen Use Efficiency from UAN by 15%
Release Soil Phosphorus activator for a broad range of crops, RELEASE Makes soil phosphorus available for plant uptake
Soil Phosphorus activator for a broad range of crops, RELEASE makes soil phosphorus available for plant uptake.
SweetGrasssweet-grass enhanced grass performance for livestock
SweetGrass, is a range of grassland fertilisers containing sodium, specifically designed to increase animal performance from grass

Think Safe, Be Safe

Many fertilisers are classified as oxidising agents or hazardous. If a fire breaks out, these fertilisers can accelerate the combustion process. Take extra care when handling and storing fertilisers to keep people safe and prevent an emergency situation.

READ: Think Safe, Be Safe from the AIC

Secure Your Nitrogen Fertilisers

Keep your Fertiliser Secure and out of Sight

Fertilisers containing Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, and CAN have all been used by terrorists. Please keep these fertilisers securely on your farm. Please read and follow the ‘five point plan’ outlined below:

READ: AIC Fertiliser Security Leaflet

Get in Touch

Please contact one of our Fertiliser Product Managers (see below) or use the ‘Ask us a question’ facility on this website to find out more.

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Regional Fertiliser Product Managers

Region – Fertiliser Product Managers Contact Phone Number
North of England/Lincs/West Midlands Josh Pratt 07966 556203
North Anglia/Lincs Peter Read 07836 387686
Scotland Gavin Stewart 07563 390679
Anglia/Kent Stuart Menhinick 01277 898201
South/West Central Mark Gendall 07880 787473
National Tom Land 07730 764043
National Rob Willey 07768 865088
Region – CIS Team Contact Phone Number
Ludlow/Bartonfields/Finmere Jamie Lyttle 07970 647511
Newbury/Larkwhistle/Andoversford Tom Perrott 07976 437568
Anglia Jack Riddington 07880 387786
North of England John Charlton 07469 284165
South Anglia/Kent Angie Baker 07796 193895
North of England Alex Rogers 07469 284694


Why Choose Liquid Fertiliser

There are a number of reasons why more and more farmers are choosing liquid fertiliser. All points of delivery, storage and application of liquid fertilisers are designed to be as safe, secure and simple as possible.  Requiring less machinery, human contact and environmental exposure it’s easy to see why more and more growers are choosing liquid fertiliser.