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Breeder: Agrii (Secobra) Download pdf
Type: Malting Pedigree: Beatrix x Marnie


Variety Positioning

  • Explorer fits a particular end  use and the demand for it in 2021 is as strong as ever. It is a specialist variety that is grown on contract for the production of Budweiser. Specific grain characteristics with high Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) and high Diastatic Power (DP). This ideally suits the production processes for this globally renowned beer. A collaboration between Agrii, Viterra UK Ltd (previously Glencore Agriculture UK Ltd), Crisp Maltings and Budweiser will secure their malting requirements for the foreseeable future. Premiums are paid for a 1.8-1.9% N specification with flexible movement terms. Historically limited to contracts initially in the East and East Midlands but contracts in other areas may be available depending on end user demand.
  • Suitable for a range of soil types, but entirely suitable for heavier land where grain nitrogen tends to be higher. A continental type with very fast speed of development and must not be sown before March. Depending on yield and soil mineral N, apply typically 120-150 kg/ha nitrogen; 60 kg in the seedbed with the remainder at GS14 or consider holding back 30-40 kg/ha to post GS39.
  • Slightly taller than average (76cm) , good lodging resistance (7 treated), and very early maturity making it an ideal entry for oilseed rape. To avoid brackling (4) give priority at harvest ahead of other varieties.
  • Sound disease resistance scores for brown rust (5) but Rhynchosporium (4) and mildew (4) need attention. Moderately resistant to net blotch in Agrii’s trials.

Data source: Agrii’s National Trials Network