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Breeder: SEC, Germany, UK Agent: Agrii
Type: Hard Feed Pedigree: Impression x Line 29-94-8

Variety Positioning

  • A German E-wheat suitable for the late-drill slot with stronger flour quality than Mv Fredericia. While Axioma does not have the same yield potential as UK-bred wheats, the high premiums that it attracts under contract can easily offset the yield lag.
  • An ideal choice for drilling after potatoes, sugar beet or where drilling is intentionally delayed to reduce blackgrass pressure. Drill from mid-October through to the end of December. Average competitiveness against grassweeds.
  • Good resistance against yellow rust (7.2), brown rust (5.6) and Septoria tritici (6.7). Like most German E-wheats it requires a robust PGR programme (4 treated, 3 untreated), and has medium maturity (+1).

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