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Providing decision support for growers and farmers across the UK

Agrii weather stations collect and record weather data which is used to accurately predict and monitor pest and disease pressure, helping to support decision making on farm. Using the Dashboard, the data collected and modelled can be interpreted by Agrii staff to assist in your day to day farming activities. The technology also allows rapid communication of pest and disease threats to Agronomists. The bottom line is more effective control, improved adoption of IPM/ICM techniques and peace of mind.

  • 200+ stations across UK
  • Early warning of pests
  • Disease forecasting
  • Improved crop protection
  • Peace of mind
  • Dashboard


Weather Station Sensors

Weather Station Sensors

Agrii Weather Stations include all the sensors required to compute the most common disease models.

SEN-R Combi-sensor

Extremely accurate and robust combi-sensor for air temperature and humidity.

Rain Gauge RG1 200mm

Designed as a universal rain gauge that meets the needs of most applications and locations.

GPRS Transmitters

Various GPRS data loggers are available to wirelessly transmit the weather station data depending on the location and requirements.

Wind Sensors

Wind sensors recording both wind speed and wind direction.

Soil Temperature Probe

A probe specifically developed for measuring soil temperature at variable depths.


A sensor used for recording solar radiation levels.

Leaf wetness sensor

An electronic leaf sensor to simulate moisture levels on leaves.

Soil Moisture Sensor

Designed to measure soil moisture and temperature in all kinds of soils at a wide range of depths.

Solar Panel

Provides a power supply to the GPRS transmitter enabling remote installation in most locations.


Weather Station Locations

Weather Station Locations

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