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Unlocking Grassweed Management: Your Roadmap to Success

News - 11.09.23

Complacency is not an option when it comes to grassweed management.

Old Lessons Hard Learned

Complacency is not an option when it comes to grassweed management.

In seasons where these resilient foes thrive, prioritising cultural control methods becomes more critical than ever.

The lessons learned this season highlight the need to reset and take charge of blackgrass, ryegrass, and brome.

Understanding the Challenge: Last Season's Impact

Reflecting on the past autumn, Agrii's Colin Lloyd emphasises the unprecedented late blackgrass germination experienced. This late germination significantly influenced spring conditions, setting many growers back in their grassweed control efforts. Understanding the factors contributing to this setback is crucial to devising effective strategies.

Key Factors in Grassweed Challenges: Delving Deeper

1. Delayed Drilling Dilemma

  • Last autumn's delayed blackgrass germination in dry, stale seedbeds posed challenges for early drilling.
  • Colin advises a prioritized approach, avoiding early drilling in the worst fields and utilizing a red, amber, and green system.

2. Ploughing as a Reset Tool

  • The use of the plough as a reset tool showcased significant benefits.
  • Comparisons at Agrii's Stow Longa site revealed lower blackgrass ear counts in ploughed plots compared to min-tilled or direct-drilled areas.

3. Importance of Crop Choice

  • Hybrid barley emerges as a promising option for combating blackgrass, offering competitive advantages.
  • Unexpected yield losses in hybrid barley varieties raise questions about potential impacts on wheat.

4. Brome's Presence and Solutions

  • Brome, predominant in min-tilled and direct-drilled blocks, demands attention.
  • Strategies such as transitioning to ploughing or embracing spring cropping prove effective against brome.

5. Ryegrass Challenges and Soil Structure

  • Ryegrass challenges persist, requiring a holistic approach.
  • Addressing soil structure, water movement, and encouraging rooting depth are vital steps in tackling ryegrass.

Active Management Strategies

Precision in Chemical Control: Jodie Littleford's Insights

When it comes to chemical control, Agrii's Jodie Littleford emphasises the significance of cultural control. The focus on relieving pressure on chemistry, reducing genotype exposure, and minimising resistance risk sets the stage for effective chemical interventions.

Strategic Chemical Approaches:

  • Prioritise cultural control to complement chemical strategies.
  • Utilise a variety of modes of action and active substances for pre-emergence sprays.
  • Leverage new modes of action, such as cinmethylin and aclonifen, for robust grassweed programs.
Agrii CTA Cereals Springwheat Spring Wheat

Navigating Weed Control Challenges: The Crucial Role of Cultural Approaches

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Optimizing Herbicide Application

Fine-Tuning Herbicide Application: David Felce's Recommendations

In the intricate puzzle of grassweed management, herbicide application stands as the final piece. Agrii's David Felce sheds light on the nuances of application techniques, emphasising the critical role of nozzle selection, water volume, and adjuvants.

Insights into Herbicide Application:

  • Nozzle choice and size significantly impact spray effectiveness.
  • Drift reduction technology (DRT) nozzles play a crucial role in compliance but may involve efficacy compromises.
  • Water volume, nozzle choice, and adjuvants contribute to optimal control and application success.

Practical Trials and Considerations:

  • Trial comparisons highlight the impact of water volume, nozzle compliance, and adjuvant selection on control levels.
  • Adapting application techniques based on weather conditions and target difficulty is essential.
Agrii CTA Spray

Optimising Your Pre-emergence Herbicide Application: A Guide for Autumn

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Navigating Forward: Your Grassweed Management Blueprint

As you navigate the challenges of grassweed management, integrating cultural controls, precision chemical strategies, and optimised herbicide application techniques becomes your blueprint for success.

The evolving landscape of agronomy requires a dynamic approach to ensure your fields thrive despite the persistent resilience of grassweeds.

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