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December 17, 2019

TIPS: Soils, drilling and cultivations

The persistent wet conditions whilst harvesting later crops and establishing next year’s, means in many cases soils will have been compacted and smeared, leading to standing water and run-off issues. Whilst we can take steps in the Spring to manage crops that have been established, it will be very important to consider what we do to manage our soils and cultivations for not only spring- drilled crops, but also ahead of drilling in Autumn.

The lessons of past wet years, such as 1987, 2012 etc, are that if these conditions are not taken into account, then it is inevitable that the following harvest will also be compromised, leading to a ‘double whammy’ of poorer yields. These may or may not be offset by better prices, but it will be vital to consider all factors which can help to protect as much yield potential as possible, to drive down the cost per tonne of production.

The extensive plot trials and field-scale work, carried out by Agrii over many different seasons and conditions, means that our Agronomists are well placed to help with helping to adapt management practices to meet the challenges of the season.