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Good field drainage is essential in protecting and enhancing the crop-rooting environment (benefiting soil and crops). It is also critical in helping to minimise surface-water run-off, reduce flooding, poaching, compaction and soil erosion, and improving soil structure.


  • Better crop germination, yield and quality.
  • Reduced surface run off, erosion, phosphorus and pesticide losses.
  • Better access to land due to reduced waterlogging, bringing extended growing and grazing seasons, also better chance of applying crop inputs at optimum times.
  • Improves soil structure due to less soil damage.
  • Reduces risk of environmental pollution.
  • Improved soil quality due to warming of soils.
  • Better weed control.
  • Reduced livestock health risks (e.g. liver fluke).
  • Better harvesting conditions.

Agrii stock an extensive range of drainage products for underground drainage systems. We can supply you with twinwall pipe, coils, water pipe, electroducting coil, fittings and drainage supplies. We are stockists of market-leading brands such as Marley, Cherry Pipes and Philmac.

Drainage work

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Agrii are suppliers of potable and non-potable water tanks, rainwater harvest tanks and kits, fertiliser tanks, molasses tanks, ranging from 900 litres up to 30,000 litres.

We also supply septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, bunded oil tanks and fuel stations.

All tanks can be delivered direct to site, and we have a dedicated Pipes & Tanks team on hand to answer any queries with product ready to collect or be delivered at your convenience.

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