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September 24, 2020

Time to think about boron

Following on from our article last week (view it here), about the positive early results from our work at Midloe Grange drilling OSR into long stubble, our Technical Team are keen to emphasise the importance of continuing to push firmly on the accelerator when it comes to OSR establishment.

‘The availability of boron to winter rape plants may be sub-optimal especially on acid, sandy soils, low organic matter soils or where soil pH is high’ explains R&D Manager for Agrii’s Northern region, Jim Carswell. ‘Front-loading boron now for sufficiency can also help to combat deficiencies within the crop later in the growing season.’

Results from Agrii trials work indicates that boron applied in autumn can stimulate root development and help develop a healthy, vigorous transport system for good nutrient supply within the plants, which can aid plant overwintering.

‘OSR might generally be looking good at the moment’ says Jim. ‘But our focus must continue to be on establishing the biggest root and thickest stem possible, to ensure that this early positivity translates into a healthy yield next year.’

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