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January 17, 2012

Masstock and UAP combine to form Agrii

Masstock and UAP have come together to become Agrii, with the aim of delivering a new level of support and technology to farmers across the UK. The new identity has been unveiled this week following many months of consultation with staff and customers.

Agrii Managing Director Ronan Hughes explained the rationale behind the new venture. “Our new organisation is a means of empowering our employees, our team of agronomists and our customers by enabling us to deliver unrivalled expertise and support. Together we have 40,000 trial plots across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, with 26 demonstration farms researching new ways of growing on -farm yields. Coming together like this, means we can do more for our agronomists and our customers, we have expressed this as ‘Two to the power of you’. Two established companies coming together to build a better service for agronomists and customers.”

“Agrii expresses many things. It communicates simply and clearly the focus of our business. It also highlights Agri-intelligence as being at the core of our business. This is where science meets the soil. Most importantly though, is the relationship between the agronomist and the farmer. This relationship is the essential element in all that we do for our customers. This relationship is based on trust and on our investment in agricultural intelligence. We view this as ‘agronomy plus’ and the Agrii brand symbolises this relationship.”

It is ‘business as usual’ for customers during the rebranding process, with no changes to day to day contacts or dealings with the company.